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Itineris Early College High School Reviews

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What I like about Itineris is the culture. Throughout the school day, I have breaks and I am treated like an adult. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The teachers are easy to talk to and are willing to help. I enjoy the challenge the school provides with academics. I like how there is the chance to get college credit without having to leave the building. I like how much they worked with me on planning my college path. What I wish was different was the amount of clubs they have. They do not have a large amount of ways to participate in the school. Mostly just National Honors Society, Health Occupation Students of America, Future Business leaders of America, and yearbook.
This is an amazing school if you are looking to get cheap college before you move on to a four year university. Most of the teachers are amazing and will help you whenever you are struggling, with a few exceptions but what school doesn't have those. You are also given a significant amount of independence where you may not have class most of your day and are free to do what you want. This is great for preparing you for college or allowing you to work at a job. This school is best for motivated students who honestly want to be here as you only get what you put in. Additionally, you will be required to do almost all of the college planning yourself so make sure you are prepared for that responsibility and get all of your papers in early. Great school would recommend.
It really gave you a good understanding of how college will be. The teachers are all invested in your growth and want you to succeed. It makes it really easy to balance your college and high school classes.
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As a graduated student from here, I can positively recommend it to students going into high school. It had great preparation for college, and life in general. The teachers were generally very nice and helpful, and the student body was very diverse. No matter what area of life you came from, you could always find someone who would accept you for who you are. The only problem that I had was the huge lack of clubs or activities. Unless you wanted to be a part of the Honors Society, there were absolutely no clubs that you could join. It's not expensive to allow students to host a small amount of clubs, and it increases the chances of success in high school by giving students the opportunities to gather together and express themselves.
Itineris is an excellent school that prepared me for college and lifelong learning. I attended my senior year, wanting to find somewhere that would effectivly prepare me for college and offer opportunities that other schools could not. Because of the close proximity to the SLCC west jordan campus I was able to take on-campus college classes as well as excellent itineris concurrent enrollment. I found the homework load very managable, as long as you plan your time effectively. Compared to my previous two years at a regional high school itineris was above and beyond in preparing me for college and life.
I loved Itineris due to its diversity and small student body size. This allowed for it to have more interaction with faculty and more individualized help. I would however, like if the school allowed more clubs.
This school's work is rigorous! I love that your education is YOUR education. There are no hall monitors, there's no detention, you are responsible for what you learn.
Itineris Early College High School is my second home. At Itineris Early College High school We have an amazing teacher. Who is willing to go out of the way to make you smile. Their take time out of their day to listen to what their students have to say. And they help their student to solve the problems. At Intineris Early College High School. We are not only a school, we are a family.
I loved the school environment. It was a great place to learn. Teachers were very invested in our learning and took time to understand each of us.
The school is great, the teachers and staff are always willing to help out the students. The other students are very inclusive and are their to learn. There is also a lot of diversity at the school.
I loved the teachers, they are nice and want to help you succeed. The atmosphere is great. The students there actually want to learn which makes it a good learning environment.
It offers a lot of concurrent enrollment courses, but there are barely any clubs, and no sports. I'd really like it if the school could balance these things out more.
I loved my experience at this school. It has an amazing environment, amazing teachers, and educated students. I also enjoy how it is enveloped with the state community college making it easy to take concurrent and early enrollment classes. You practically know everyone in the school because it's so quaint. It's also convenient to have one on one conversations with your teachers.
It is a great school where students can easily earn college credit and high school credit at the same time.
I love Itineris! I love the small environment classroom and I love how I can always get help from my teachers.
I attended this school during my last few years of high school. I decided to join because I wanted a more challenging education, something more than normal high school.

Overall, I found the experience to be quite positive. You are given more freedom than a regular high school. They allow you to manage your own schedule, your own classes, and decide what to do with your free time.

One of my favorite aspects of this school was the opportunity to take college courses right there in the building. They even had a lab for classes that required special equipment and safety standards.

The school was very adamant about college preparation. They provided counseling, advising, and a mandatory class about college preparation where you learned about the various aspects of college life, and the skills required to succeed.
It's a good school for college readiness. However, if you are looking for clubs and sports, this is not the school for those types of people. The school has a program in which it is partnered with Salt Lake Community College. This program allows students to take classes at SLCC. I can't say anything about the food since I haven't tried it. The teachers do help you learn and are willing.
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I loved my experience at Itineris Early College High School! It has a great environment, amazing teachers, and very smart students. I also love how it is integrated with Salt Lake Community College making it very easy to take concurrent and early enrollment classes.
The teachers are amazing and you can have one on one time with them if you need it. The classes are small and you have a lot of opportunities to get ready for college and get college credits.
I love the smaller learning environment and more one-on-one attention with you teachers. Everyone knows each other and it feels like we're all family. I really like most of the teachers, they really try to engage the students and teach according to our individual learning styles. I love that Itineris offers many college courses, and they are right on campus, so you don't have to worry about traveling back and forth too much. However, they don't have any sports, music or many after school programs except HOSA, FBLA, and NHS.
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