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I was able to get 30 college credits while still in high school. They really focus on the early college part. In junior and senior year, they really only offer college classes. This allows you to take the college classes and receive college and high school credit for them which makes it easy to graduate high school with college credit. They also get you ready for life after high school. We have done many activities and have had many guest speakers that have told us things about going to college, what college is like, insurance, and what to do in college.
Is a fantastic school that, from my point of view, is very friendly with foreign students and help them to get used to the college system that it uses, so it also make high school students prepare for college.
Itineris won place #23 of top STEM school in the U.S and the only one in Utah to win. I've loved going school here and being able to have an environment where learning is key. Most students will graduate with their associates by the time they graduate high school. The only thing I wish could change is sports but because its a charter school I understand it can't. Either way Itineris is an amazing school.
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This school is great! It's a small school so it means a more personal experience, which I love. And if you are concerned with saving money in college then this school is amazing because they are focused on earning college credit in High School. There is one catch, you have to work hard. If you're a potential student reading this in order to attend this school you need to really work at it or you won't make it. And if you're a parent who doesn't think there is anything wrong with your "little baby" you really need to be honest with yourself about them. You cannot force your kids into this school or they won't use the opportunity. Overall, the best school to get ahead in life quickly, but you need to want the end result and see the bigger picture to fully get the experience.
Itineris Early College High school is a great School and it gets kids closer to being college ready. Itineris is a college based high school as stated in the name that works closely with Salt Lake Community College to ensure students success. Itineris is a smaller public school which makes it easier to learn in their environment.
I'm currently enrolled at Itineris Early College High School as a senior and one of the things that I love about this school is its environment. The school has a college environment and the students are treated like adults; no one babysits anyone. Another thing I like about this school is that the staff genuinely cares for the educational growth of the students. Since the school is small, the teachers get to know each student and they always look out for them. The education is more advanced and the entire student body respects everyone's differences all the time and the majority take their learning seriously.
Itineris has been a great experience, for me. It's a very small community---my current class is only about 100 students---but they become almost like your family. You can talk with any of the teachers about your struggles inside and outside of school and they'll do their best to help you. It's also a great opportunity to save some money by earning college credit.

Educational-wise, it's still fantastic. Only attend if you're serious about school---if you're not serious you'll struggle. Many of the "bad" students end up leaving.
Itineris allows you gain college credit and experience. It gives you the opportunity to get your AS degree before you graduate high school. It's a small school, but it makes everyone feel like family. If you are looking to go into a STEM field, this school will definitely suit you.
This school is challenging but really pushes their students to rise above and beyond all expectations that the student has about themselves. Most people would think that would mean riggorous courses and a lot of homework but it's really about self accountability. The teachers and mentors and professors already know you are more than capable of rising above and beyond, they are there to help you realize your worth and abilities.
Itineris Early College High School has changed the way that I view school. We are treated like adults, we are given the materials to succeed, and most importantly, the school is filled with teachers that are highly qualified to teach.
Throughout my years at Itineris Early College High School, I have really been able to prepare myself for future college courses. I have also been able to receive a lot of help from teachers who were willing to help me with the difficulties I had in their class. All the staff were friendly and easy to converse with, and the vast majority of students were friendly and supportive of each other.
I am really glad I chose to go to Itineris, it gave me a really good idea on what college is like and how I need to better prepare myself for it.
Itineris is an amazing school, I wouldn't want to go to any other high school. The graduating class is only 100 students, which makes the class sizes small and the student to teacher or counselor good as well. Its a close community that everyone feels welcome, plus they have great programs to help you excel in your education.
It's a really great school, definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a challenge in high school.
I really like Itineris. Members of the staff are really helpful and caring, the community is positive, and the teachers are mostly very good.
I enjoyed this school, it was a great place to grow and mature while learning new things. I wish there were more physical activities as well as writing and drama activities. Overall a good place to go with great people and stellar education.
I like how Itineris Early College High School emphasizes on taking college classes and how they can help you earn your associates degree or certificate of completion while in high school. I hope that the school would get more clubs and activities. There are some new clubs like Refugee Club and Hope Squad this year which is a nice change.
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Great school with a wonderful atmosphere for learning. When I transferred here for my 10th-grade year I was unsure how things would go but I ended up falling in love with this school. It is a small school and it's not like most High Schools where you will find sports, clubs and extra-curricular activities but the kind teachers make up for it. I feel like every student I know here can thrive and do well, so many people I know that I've recommended this school to are scared because of the name. This school may be academically rigorous for some, but it's intended to prepare you for college and it's done that for me as well as many other students.
Itineris taught me and prepared me for college classes. I was able to take multiple concurrent classes and earn a lot of my Gen Ed credits. The staff and student body here are small but have a very diverse range of people. They are open and kind, and the learning environment is very beneficial for all students.
I love the atmosphere at Itineris. Not every person shares the same beliefs, but everyone respects others' beliefs. I would like to see a very mild dress code, though, because sometimes the clothing people wear are not conducive to a learning environment.
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