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Ithaca High School is a decent school. There is a lot of influence from Cornell so there is pressure for good academics etc here as many of the kids have Cornell professors as parents etc. Overall decent experience
Ithaca gave a great education and truly prepared me for college. It was large, and sometimes I felt like I was drowning.
I have been mainly focused on my studies. Joining clubs and attending club meetings just seem like a chore when we are supposed to study and get good grades. There seems to be some sort of split between enjoying life now and throwing that away to prepare for college.
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I had a great four years at Ithaca. The teachers are dedicated, and I learned about more than just math and science from them. The amount of extra circulars is vast, and Ithaca has excellent opportunities within the community. The one area the school could improve is college preparedness for its seniors. The year I graduated, I had no idea what I was doing. There were no college fairs, and I was left to do everything by myself, which was stressful.
I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of education that my daughter has received at Ithaca High School. She has gotten an excellent education. Our one complaint might be with the sheer volume of homework. Teachers are very dedicated and inspiring and there are lots of opportunities to try and do new things.
The academics are good, but the bathroom sinks are hardly functional. Overall, I would say that I've enjoyed my time there. With all the clubs and sports teams, I think there are plenty of opportunities for students to get involved and find friends.
An adequate high school. Too much emphasis on athletics. Okay teachers. Okay selection of classes. Could use more APs. Could have more emphasis placed on academic achievement instead of athletic and artistic achievement.
Diverse body of students and many of the teachers are really nice. The school offers a wide variety of courses for students to take, especially many APs that may not be offered very often. For example, AP- World History and AP-European History are offered to freshman and sophomore, respectively.
IHS is pretty good, but it is very geared towards those going into STEM fields. If you would like to study business, the school lacks both AP Microeconomics and AP Macroeconomics, as well as any other sort of business classes or clubs, such as BPA or DECA. Nonetheless, the academics and teachers are excellent, which makes the school stand out as a whole.
Our school is a very diverse in multiple ways wether it be race, wealth, sexualities, or anything else their is always someone who you can relate too . Our school has positives but it also has negatives for example our school is fairly dirty and disgusting and although there are a lot of kids who respect their environment there are a lot who don't and make messes. Most of our teaching staff is great but some of the staff in my opinion have the wrong morals to be working at the school and they put money in the wrong places for example instead of repairing the bathrooms they buy brand new chromebooks for kids who have chromebooks that work perfectly fine.
It was an overall very encouraging education. Most of the teachers are very well qualified, the student body is extremely diverse, and there will always be a member of the staff (counselor, teacher, etc) that will able to help you. The food quality has been improving, and overall the whole school district is only trying to better itself. I made unforgettable friends and really enjoyed my time at IHS!
Ithaca is a really nice place to rest and relax from stressful tests. Most of the students are highly motivated and work hard to achieve their dream.
I like Ithaca High School because they have so many extracurriculars and clubs (like KPOP CLUB it's the best.) I've also come across many great teachers who make class interesting, fun, and genuinely like to help their students. However, there have been some teachers who really don't care or play favorites. Also the pizza here tastes like cardboard, but we'll all still eat it. Furthermore, the bathrooms suck and the doors have wide gaps in them. School culture (just like any school or community) completely depends on who you make friends with. If you hang with people who go to parties, you'll go to parties, and if you hang with people who don't, you won't. I wish they didn't make you go swimming every year though in PE. Overall, the facilities are good and we have computers, a microwave, chromebooks, and printers in the library.
Ithaca Highschool is an OK school, very small class sizes. A lot of AP classes to choose from including honors courses. A lot of college readiness involved including college visits and talks. Not that much diversity , is located near Cornell university and the lakes/ waterfalls that surround it.
I loved how teachers are always there to help you. I also liked how there were lots of different class options. I was able to take all the classes that I preferred for the following four years.
The arts are a standout at this school. The music teachers are so passionate and dedicated to their students. Many students participate in auditions and then attend statewide honor orchestras, bands, and choirs.
While at Ithaca High School I had many opportunities. I was able to participate in band as the arts were emphasized and well funded. Many clubs and sports were available to students. There were also great opportunities for outside help from teachers.
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Many of my teachers at Ithaca High School were not teachers at first. They had jobs where they applied their skills to other real life practices. This helped them better prepare students for the future. They were all very knowledgable in their fields as they almost all had some sort of graduate degree, some even with PhDs.
I never really felt unsafe at school. Many students carry drugs and alcohol with them at school and go unnoticed. One time there was an incident that required us to have policemen on campus for some reason. We have also had several lockdowns, but nothing for reasons that I ever felt that my safety was at risk.
I did not enjoy my time at IHS. Not that they were the worst four years of my life, but they certainly weren't my best!
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