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My experience at Ithaca High School started when my mom was pregnant with me. At the time she was teaching eight grade English. I was then frequently present in the school for several family friendly events, or just to visit my mom. Those visits became everyday when I first started school in kindergarten. My relationships with people in the community have grown more and more since then. Our community gives off a full community experience or feeling. Everyone is supported in everything they do. Students are also allowed to be involved in everything they want.
The workload tended to be on the easier side. Not a lot of homework was handed out for the science and history classes. Scheduling tended to go fairly smooth. Teacher availability ranged between the teachers as far as after class help. Most teachers stayed well past the hours to help students, while others didn't stick around very long past the required time.
Peer pressure tends to be an issue with this school, because it is so small and close knit. There wasn't much ethnic or racial diversity, so some had a hard time adjusting to those differences when they appeared. This created a negative atmosphere for those who had just moved in and made it hard for them to adjust to the school.
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There are many extracurricular activities in regards to athletics, but compared to other schools, there wasn't many academic groups to chose from. Teachers and coordinators made necessary accommodations so that students could participate in as many groups as they could, often working around athletics. Athletics was very popular in the school.
This school is unique regarding the community involvement. At almost every athletic event, community takes up most of the gym instead of just parents. They show great pride in how the school performs. Attendance was low at this school, so everybody knew everything about each other. This caused some issues with students; however, most took advantage of this and created a positive atmosphere. As long as I had the same group of people participate with me, I would choose this to go to this school again.
Teachers are engaging, however not always efficient with their time spent in the classroom. Most were very involved with their students, often helping out in extra curricular activities and following the teams. Each teacher was consistent in their grading, and were approachable after class to discuss homework or other issues.
Some parents are beasts but they are the minority
Ithaca is a small school district with limited options. Most teachers do a good job. Not all go above the basic call to duty.
This school is great because I have been able to be involved in several different activities and extracurricular events. I like the academics also and have been doing very well here.
Before I graduated, there wasn't much security measure as far as personal safety once in school. However, the school has updated it's system and has issued security cameras and limited accessibility to inside the school during regular hours. Ithaca, still, does not have a school nurse due to affordability. Ithaca does have the random days where the drug dogs come to check the lockers and cars of the students, and is effective in that aspect. Safety in the school, though, is highly promoted. Bullying was a rare occurrence when I went through, though I don't know if it is still like that today.
Though some lunches are better than others, the school doesn't offer a variety of options for students to pick from when they aren't feeling like having the designated meal of the day. Actually, the only other offer they have, besides bringing their own packed lunch, is the salad bar, which is only offered every other day on certain weeks during the year and doesn't allow for any sort of variety to pick from. Quantity and quality is also an issue found at the school. Most students are athletes, but since the school has to follow certain guidelines when it comes to different types of nutrition, these students don't get the amount that's needed in order to perform well. The quality is also not the best. There isn't much variety when it comes to the meals, so more and more students are bringing their own lunch because they don't want the food that the kitchen is serving.
The school policy and involvement of proper administration was lacking in effectiveness the year I graduated. I believe that it has slightly improved, however there are still some flaws in proper punishment with issues that have come up within the past year. Due to my lack of involvement in how the issues came about and knowledge on why they were handled the way they were, I cannot argue on how it needs to improve more.
School spirit and fan support at Ithaca are beyond compare. For almost every sport, multiple parents, students, and alumni come together to cheer on their favorite team. Compared to other schools in the conference and even in the area, Ithaca has one of the most supportive fan systems. Most of the student body is involved with sports, but since they have such a small student body, most people tend to join to help create a team. Involvement and support are never an issue when it comes to Ithaca sports. However, there always seems to be a coach issue, in almost every sport. There are a few coaches who lack the basic quality of coaching, that is knowing the strengths of their team and how to use it to win games, and this causes drama between the parents and the coach as well as performance of the players.
There were only a select few teachers who offered opportunities for me to become academically challenged and to grow in my skills of learning and comprehension. Those teachers I took away from most due to their challenging courses and ability to spark an interest in the subject. There were a lot of teachers who didn't teach effectively and therefore decreased any sort of interest among students and their overall quality as teachers. Though they had consistency in their grading, the demand for the homework and tests completion and quality wasn't set very high. Therefore, students just had to complete the bare minimum in order to receive a high grade.
Even though the student body isn't large, Ithaca has many clubs and organizations to chose from, some which demand much commitment, and others not so much. Sports is one that demands a lot of commitment from the students; for the most part, it demands more commitment than most classes. Athletics, however, is the how Ithaca shows it's pride, and most alumni come back to catch a game every season because of the love they had for the game. Ithaca also has academic organizations, such as the National Honor Society, Forensics, and FFA are some examples. They also offer opportunities to expand experience in the arts by offering band, choir, and art classes. There, students can chose to grow individually by entering into art contests throughout Southwest Wisconsin, or perfect a piece of music and perform in Solo Ensemble. There is much administration support for all activities, though there more so in some than others.
Comparing my high school to the friends I have made in college, Ithaca didn't offer much opportunity for academic advancement in the programs they have set up. The courses offered are much simpler compared to other high schools, and don't allow a chance to receive any sort of college or AP credit. I think focus on how students can become academically challenged and receive partial credit for college should be emphasized more.
Bullying does happen at the school, but recently an anti-bully campaign has started amongst some of the middle school students which is really good to see. We don't have a school nurse necessarily, but someone will come in if there happens to be an emergency or outbreak of some type. Considering security and safety services, there are random police searches and sometimes a cop will drop by the school just to check things out. If there is anything suspicious happening the police will be contacted and they'll come and check everything out to make sure that the school is a safe learning environment for everyone.
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I love Ithaca just because it's where I grew up. I learned a lot and made a lot of long lasting friendships with classmates and teachers. A big part of my school experience was playing sports since elementary school. Playing on the softball team was very important to me and became even more important when we made it to state my senior year. That really showed how important we were to the community. The only way to describe it was to call it a sea of purple. We had more supporters there than the other teams combined. I absolutely loved being a part of that.
The food is disgusting most of the time and the portions are miniscule. A lot of students are still hungry afterwords and we are not allowed to leave campus in order to find a better source of food. Usually, there are nothing but complaints considering the school food.
I only rate it as bad because I feel as though there should be even more discipline when it comes to certain situations. I think that sometimes students are excused because of who their family is or what their last name is and that is unfair to other students.
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