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For a small town, the school is not bad. Overall, academics are good and teachers are involved in pushing students towards college or preparing them for whatever life has in store for them. There are many clubs, activities, and sports for the school's size. With that said, there are many faults in Ithaca’s school system. First and most importantly, the administration has failed to uphold teachers’ contracts resulting in lost steps and pay raises for the teachers. Sports are the main focus at the school. Many athletes get special treatment, especially those on the football team. Dress code issues have shown up in the last few years with violations to females being addressed and not violations to males. The school in general is not very inclusive and is not extremely impressive.
The atmosphere of the school is very supportive. Everyone wants you to succeed. There is a lot of diversity due to Cornell.
Ithaca High School was a great school to be at for my High School career. The school had great competition between academics and sports allowing students to get involved in both.
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Ithaca High School is the best high school experience any kid could ask for. It might not have the most funding in the world but with what it is given, the school does a lot. Ithaca has some of the best athletic and academic programs, even though it recently had to start cutting a few Advance Placement courses due to budget issues the school continues to proves itself time and time again with its scores in the math, english, and social studies departments. Not only do the teachers prepare the students for college well, they also prepare them for the reality of life. The school is small, like really small and does need some maintenance but the environment really allows for one on one learning. The football program is amazing as well as the bowling, cross country, and track programs. Ithaca is the school of champions, despite all of the hardships it faces the students and faculty members always make the best of the situations given to them.
I had a decent high school career at Ithaca High School, however, the small-town feeling was overbearing towards my senior year. I was able to make a variety of friends with different people, and that helped shape who I am today while in college. However, only having 88 people in your graduating class meant that everyone knew everything about everyone, and that was an annoying experience to endure.
Overall, I have been at the district my whole life. I fell like I am prepared for college and the future. Very good education, good and friendly staff. However, with athletics, football seems to be the only sport represented. Some of the other sports are being represented more but the spring sports are almost always forgotten.
The academics are good. Getting scheduling done is a pain to work with the counselor to get the classes you want and need.
We have a lot of security cameras around the school to make sure nobody does stuff they are not supposed to.
My favorite experience of attending this school was being in the marching band. The band goes to band camp every summer to get ready for the football season as well as marching band competition. The marching band goes to the football team home game and then follows them after the regular season gets done. The marching band has a saying that says " divided by section, United in harmony" which means we are all different but we are one big family when we get together.
A lot of the teachers at Ithaca high school are very nice and they care about their students. The teachers have didn't way they grade certain things. Majority of the teachers are willing to stay after school to help the students if they need help with something they do not understand.
Budget cuts and increased emphasis on certain key sports have really limited resources and opportunities for many of Ithaca's students.
Academically, it is surprising how good the students do and how good the programs are considering the aged nature of the classroom resources. I would be nice if most of the equipment in most of my child's classrooms was not older than he/she is. But the teaching staff is amazing, even if resources are not fairly distributed.
The quality of the program and support depends on the sport. Rules apply differently for athletes than other students. School resources are abundantly available to certain key sports programs - football, volleyball - but are sparse for others. Some of the athletes in the "non-glory" sports are essentially ignored by the athletic office.

Even our school day P.E. course content has been transformed to support the football program.
The staff does a great job working with aged facilities and dwindling resources. I am amazed that the efforts and quality of most of the people that my child has gotten to work with. I would give the school superb ratings if only more of an effort was made to make all students and groups feel valued.
Special needs students are serviced "to the letter of the law", but without the same innovation and enthusiasm that this school puts into students that makes the staff feel good about their jobs. I get the impression that much of the time the general staff and administration would prefer those students were out of sight and out of mind so that they can concentrate on the students that matter to them. Resources for non-sports activities out of class are severely limited.
Most of the teaching staff are dedicated professionals. Some individuals seem to act (and they might be right) as though their extra-curricular is the real reason they were hired, and classroom performance suffers as they put more effort in to their activity than their full time job. The administration seems to support them in this.
Our school has few security issues. Students feel safe and this has not been an issue.
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The administration means well, but their attitudes and support for programs are not comparable between groups. The same can be said about attitudes toward individual students.
For a small school, Ithaca offers a wide range of activities and students, in general, have a pride in the school. A large portion of students take one or more AP classes. Teachers, in general, put in extra hours and time to promote student success.
Doors locked during the day. Must be buzzed in by office worker
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