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iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center Reviews

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My experience at iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center was very unique. The staff seemed to transition every year so it was a little difficult to get used to the different teaching methods your mentors provide. However, that seemed to change in the later year, the staff finally settled into the school and created a solid environment.
iTech has had its shares of the fair of administrative problems and teacher problems in the past, but it has greatly improved throughout the years. Aside from that, everything else (espcially the community) is great, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Itech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational center is a great school. I like that the school is smaller than other ones because like that the staff focuses more on the students. This school does the best in keeping their students good and teaching them about technology. Wonderful school you should come!
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iTech is a really nice magnet schools that focuses on technology. It has many resources at its disposal to help students learn about all things technology. It has three academies: iCode, ERP, and GIS. iCode is for students who want to get into the networking or programming side of technology. They teach you HTML, Java, and CSS. ERP is for students looking into a business career. GIS allows students to lean about the science of collecting and making data usable to the average person. The teachers and staff are very friendly and strive for a better iTech. They take their jobs very seriously and really care about the student body as a whole.
The best thing about Itech is the teaching of technology and the next level of technology we have in class. You have a bunch of Microsoft to use and to learn new thing you didn't know about. Sometime you get certified for the program you use. And that's the best thing about Itech.
Initially the school was pretty bad and disorganized. However with time the school became more respectable and began to offer more and more opportunities. I still wouldn't call it amazing, and the new uniform policy is kind of annoying, but it's pretty nice right now.
All Staff is very easy to talk to and are understanding. The food is great! Teachers make sure that all the students learn and aren’t left behind. You will never feel out of place or alone.
iTech is a state of the art mega magnet technology high school with top notch teachers and cutting edge resources/ technology. 10/10 would recommend.
I’ve had an amazing four years at this school. The staff and teachers were like family and help us all the way.
Itech Is STEM School Where You Learn Hands. Itech Is A School That Getting You Ready For The Business World. It’s More Of Business School
I'm getting sick of this school I thought last year was worse but looking at this year everything is dropping. The new principal is a fraud so that's why she is at are school. All she those is make the school experience for the kids worse. She makes us wear clothes that I and the students are not comfortable wearing. The principal doesn't allow all the students to use the gym she only let's kids we have classes that need to use the gym which is unfair to students who doesn't have those classes. I think that the school needs a new principal but they gave hime up to a elementary school. Also some of the new teacher doesn't grade on time or give us work but we don't rarely know anything And it's already bad that one teacher quit.
Nice teachers. Most of the teachers really care about you and want you to be successful. The school isn't the best but it isn't the worst the either, the principal is really nice and fair and wants whats best for us students.
The experience with Itech@ Thomas A. Edison has been great all my years. I have learned different time of components of in the business industry. I'm still current an honor roll student. I earn a certificate of Microsoft that been offer at Itech@ Thomas A. Edison.
I have a somewhat good experience at ITech. This school will give you opportunities, but its up to you to take them. The teachers are nice and help you when you need it. Its has good academics and it will help you get ready for college.
I'm a student at iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center and through my experience there, I've witnessed a lot. The students there are good children overall. However I've seen some of them that weren't the best they can be , but that's at all schools. The teachers there are awesome, the really care about the students dreams and are very willing to help in any way possible. Even the lunch lady's are very generous while serving the food. The administrator's are doing a great job at changing what needed to be changed to make the school a great magnet school. I really would recommend this school to other students.
It is a very relaxed school that gets you prepared for the real world. Students also get access to many different forms of technology that other schools may not have.
What I like about iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center is the college readiness classes, academics and Lead teachers for those academies. What I would like to see change is the diversity.
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This place is really what you call a family. Although we have some rough times with each other -by the end of the day we're all settled and caring for each other again. This school gets you ready for the real world teaching you about finance and coding etc. I'm just loving the over -all feeling even though there is room for improvement.
Itech has has been an interesting experience for me and has taught me so much about not only myself but about the world around me. There is so much to learn especially about yourself and how you can better not only your environment but most importantly yourself. It provides an experience that other schools don't have and i am happy that i chose this school.
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