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iTech - Miami's MEGA Technology Magnet High School Reviews

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Itech is a very good school, very strict on your grades but overall if u want to success attend itech
It is not a bad school but it is bad placed. Also, they do not like to pay for online classes and it is annoying because I want to finish school in junior year so I can get into college faster but they do not get me the facilities.
This school was at first sketchy to me, but later on I realized it amazing. This school has teachers that care about your grades and will do anything to help you succeed. We have a very active principal who expects highly from us because she wants us to do the best we can. This school honestly is a home.
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A healthy and friendly environment-- even though the school does not have a huge student body population (about 300 students), making friends is not a concern.

Making jokes with both students and the school's administration will always be enjoyable, not because they will laugh with you but because their reaction to not understanding teenage humor will never get old.
iTech @ Miami's MEGA Technology Magnet High school has an amazing STEM program. Excellent computer classes were given to me during my 4 years that help me pursue my major in Computer Science. In addition, the facility and faculty were great. The one thing I would change would be the uniform policy.
I am an iTech alumni, I was one of the first students to attend this school when it first opened. iTech has played a major role in what I want to do in the future.

This school is the epitome of waste. Waste of opportunity, waste of resources, and waste of time. I came here to learn further my programming skills but 3 quarters in, I haven't learned anything.

Excerpt from my google review.
My school is a very big tech school. We are trying to get more students to fill this school up because i know we can hold up to one thousand student here and it will be and outstanding school. My teachers are very brilliant and never comes to school with a bad attitude always positive.
Amazing school if you find technology interesting! Many opportunities that not every school offers, different technological academies GIS(Geospatial Information Systems) , ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and the most popular academy “ICODE” .
You could come and join the Itech Family, You can start applying now to join us throughout 2019-2020 !
itech is a very good school and I enjoy the environment, the school activities are very interesting and nice, the only changes I would want to see is the school having after basketball and basketball tournaments.
Itech is not an ordinary school. Becoming a titan may have been the best thing that ever happened to me. I say this because i am surrounded by people who always want to see me succeed and always tries their best to provide all their students with the best opportunities.
Lots of good things about this school. Teachers and staff are very nice and willing to help. Classrooms are very clean and have all the tools needed for a learning environment.
Before this school was average but on these last two years it has really come up and become a great school sadly it's my last school year.
Well iTech is really not a bad school. It is a good school for students that would like to learn about business, coding, and geographic lands
My experience at iTech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational Center was very unique. The staff seemed to transition every year so it was a little difficult to get used to the different teaching methods your mentors provide. However, that seemed to change in the later year, the staff finally settled into the school and created a solid environment.
iTech has had its shares of the fair of administrative problems and teacher problems in the past, but it has greatly improved throughout the years. Aside from that, everything else (espcially the community) is great, and I wouldn't trade it for the world!
Itech @ Thomas A. Edison Educational center is a great school. I like that the school is smaller than other ones because like that the staff focuses more on the students. This school does the best in keeping their students good and teaching them about technology. Wonderful school you should come!
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iTech is a really nice magnet schools that focuses on technology. It has many resources at its disposal to help students learn about all things technology. It has three academies: iCode, ERP, and GIS. iCode is for students who want to get into the networking or programming side of technology. They teach you HTML, Java, and CSS. ERP is for students looking into a business career. GIS allows students to lean about the science of collecting and making data usable to the average person. The teachers and staff are very friendly and strive for a better iTech. They take their jobs very seriously and really care about the student body as a whole.
The best thing about Itech is the teaching of technology and the next level of technology we have in class. You have a bunch of Microsoft to use and to learn new thing you didn't know about. Sometime you get certified for the program you use. And that's the best thing about Itech.
Initially the school was pretty bad and disorganized. However with time the school became more respectable and began to offer more and more opportunities. I still wouldn't call it amazing, and the new uniform policy is kind of annoying, but it's pretty nice right now.
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