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Itawamba Agricultural High School Reviews

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I really enjoyed the block system and the group activities. The teachers in my classes were very kind and interested in helping students do their best.
IAHS is an average high school. They have many amazing teachers and the students are very well behaved to some extent. However, there are only a handful of clubs to join. The school's focus seems to lean more towards sports than academia like in any small town.
So far my experience at Itawamba Agricultural High school has been pretty good. Educational wise I feel as thought the teachers really push you as far as you can go and want to see you succeed.
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This school offers great academic courses that are not available at other schools in this district with a variety of classes and sports to choose from. School spirit is through the roof and the staff and teachers are amazing.
IAHS is a great school that is full of fantastic academic and sport opportunities. It is a place where everyone comes together and tries their hardest to be th best that they can be.
My experience to Itawamba Agricultural High School was very optimistic. The teachers are always willing to help their students if they are struggling in their course. Not only are the teachers willing to help the students in their course, they are also willing to help further their education. I know that is their job to help further our education but if one of their students couldn't afford to go to college they would find a way for them to go by helping them fill out as many scholarships as possible.
I met a lot of great people through high school that I continue to be friends with, even through college. The location isn't the best, and the nearest city is disappointing and 30 minutes away. The school itself is supposed to be ranked highly among other state high schools, and it prepared me fairly well for college academic-wise.
My four years at Itawamba Agricultural High School have been awesome. The teachers care about you. There is a wide range of subjects to choose from. They truly prepare you for your college experience.
My experience at Itawamba Agricultural High School has been extraordinary. I transferred here my sophomore year, and I have loved it ever since.
It's hard for me to actually view this from a perspective of someone who doesn't dread school daily. Although, I've tried to look past my bias, I do not enjoy school. I am sure it's school in general, not just mine. I wish all schools were different. I wish we could pursue actual interests, be able to be ourselves, be around efficient teachers, and have more freedom as people instead of being viewed as potential test scores.
When I went there there was rarely a fight, or any bullying.
It is okay. The food is just gross because sometimes its cold.
The academics at this school range from vocational classes, to AP, and some can even enroll in the community college while still in high school. Students have all the opportunity to challenge themselves as much as they'd like and it is encouraged by the staff. The work of these classes depends on how hard the student applies themselves. The standard classes do have their challenges but if a student wants to go above and beyond the call of duty then it will certainly take more work that can definitely be worth while.
Although this school is the largest in the county, being in a small town is always going to have its closed minded individuals. None the less, it always seemed fairly easy to make friends and really find a group of people to associate with there. Even though this school has had it's problems with personal choices of the students in the past, new policies have opened it up to anyone. No one should feel unaccepted here because it is certainly an inviting place. The times have certainly caught up with this school and it has adjusted accordingly well.
Although some of the students may not agree with the policies on things like the dress code and cell phone policy, it makes sense as far as education goes. Students are expected to dress modestly and be presentable. The stall enforces these policies well and is understanding.
Athletics is very big at my school. Every student has an opportunity to get involved. All games are well attended. We also have a ton of pride in what we do.
Extracurricular Activities stretch far and wide at IAHS! Pretty much anything that you're interested in you can experience here.
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Our principal goes above and beyond his role of principal!
He is an outstanding role model and leader of our school. He knows all the students by name and encourages each one. He attends all events we are involved in. He want to see us succeed!
Our school is amazing! The sense of school pride that you experience when you walk through the doors at IAHS is like no other! We are proud to be IAHS and it shows!
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