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Overall the academics of Itasca High are very well, with many oppurtunities for students and relationships between students. Although I would like to see a change in the staff, very biased and not open to new comers or unique people.
Overall, Itasca High School is good. There is not a lot of diversity. Math is one of the subjects I haven't been college ready.
Due to the small size of the school, the teachers are more available to help the students one to one. They have a really lenient dress code and gum policy which could be tightened.
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I task a high school gave me a very good education with highly qualified teachers that taught me very valuable information I've used my whole life.
my experience in Itasca has been a fantastic time of my life. i have been here since i was a little kid. i learned that the district cares about your education and would do anything to help you learn. they help you understand anything. While, Itasca does have some flaws it is also has a good education system. the flaws they have definatly does not out weigh the good in the district. the district is the most caring about the students. they look out for the student and ask how they are doing or if there day is going good. they see if you are paying attention and doing there work. they have some really good punishments and it is really effective. the students learn when they get punished or they will have a worse punishment. the students are respectful and would help anyone who needs it.
I like how family-like the school is and how respectful the staff is but there does need to be more college readiness from my past experience when I graduated.
Due to the size of the school it is very easy to get help if needed from one of the teachers. Additionally, the school has a variety of subjects offered and even offers dual credit courses which allowed me to get college credit while in high school.
Itasca High School is a great school that covers all of the essentials. If you want to join Itasca High School, you will not regret it.
We have band during school and athletics I wish there were more clubs like sewing and financial planning to participate in or future business leaders something along that line
There is no fear of bullying amongst student body
My teachers at my school have all been wonderful except for a select few. For the most part each and everyone of them have a unique approach to teaching and have shown genuine interest and concern in what happens amongst the student body, over all they are wonderful people.
There are new organizations or clubs every year, Fellowship of Christian Athletes is one of the newest and has brought the student body closer together.
I was very lucky to have 6 girls with me since junior high because of those friendships even times that seemed impossible became possible. The attention given to bullying throughout the school is bias and the faculty at times choose to be blind to reality.
The are the few teachers who seemed to care and encouraged us to do are absolute best.
I don't like the cliques here; they are very tight.
The teachers are on their phone a lot and don't really teach about the subject they are supposed to.
They are really good teachers.
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The students form their own cliques and tend to bash against each other. Sports are the main focus of this school, even though their season records are lousy.
A very few go out of their way to make sure students do their absolute best.
they overall care about the students success and are very helpful
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