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It is a school driven by politics and money; however, there were a couple good teachers who cared what happened to there students later on in there life.
My overall expeirience wasn't exaactly great. I wish they would have offered more programs, but I do understand that budget may have been an issuse.
Italy High School is the perfect small school. The teachers and coaches make it easy to succeed academically and athletically.
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Italy High School may not be the biggest school around, but it has some of the best teachers. They'll make sure you understand the work before they move forward. They wont leave anyone behind.
I like the way that the students have a better chance to make better grades and be a better person all around because the teachers have the opportunity to be able to help them one on one. From a students point of view having a teacher that's able to work with you one on one is greatly worth going to a smaller school. When you are enrolled in a larger school you sometimes get pushed towards the back and not thought about much unless you are a standout athlete, smartest one in your class, and sometimes if you're family is well known around the area.
I love italy high school it's a great school, but lacks in areas but that's only only because it's a small farm town school with not a lot of money
There are not any after school clubs or activities. Tutoring is an hour after school allowing students that participate in sports to make the practice that starts at 4. A few of the coaches have no respect for their players.
The small school experience has been great but this school goes through coaches like people do food. I would not choose to go this school if had to go through it again.
My school does not have very much money making it hard on teachers to be able to use technology in their lessons unless their class is a technological class. Many of the teachers here are willing to help students in need and all of them offering before and after school tutoring. All of the teachers are always on time with their grades and will help students get the grade they need with extra work involved.
Most people are only in sports. A few are in FFA or FCCLA. There is also art club and spanish club.
Safety policies are mostly effective. If bullies are caught they usually only get in school suspension or detention. The school nurse is fine if you only need a band aid or your temperature taken.
The most prominent teacher is the high school math teacher. Many others don't care and don't make students do work.
Coaches aren't the greatest but good school and community support.
The school nurse is very helpful
nicely balanced group of students
loved the small town school setting
I was not fully preparred for what was expected of me to get into college
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punishements are not always equal to others with the same offense, and are alot of times to harsh
There is something for everyone
The athletes are very competative and love the support from the community
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