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The school is amazing, and the teachers are great. There is really nothing to change in the school, except for the students to be more friendly with the others.
It was an Okay experience, it has many student involvements and activities to participate in but sometimes the school is disorganized and not really a safe place.
It Takes A Village Academy was ok. The education is basic, some of the teachers push you to do more when it comes to your work. The schools tries to have a lot of clubs and or programs which is good. They have their variety of sports which is good as well. What keeps the school not at its highest standard is that the things they mentioned they have in the high school book was false. Their was no medical program. Also other schools in the building was more fun than ITAVA was boring and not creative. The color scheme they painted the walls were dull and made students feel unmotivated.
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The teachers at it takes a village will really sabotage your grades.Some teachers make up grades and will tell you that a 80 or 75 is good when it’s going on your transcript.Some of the teachers can’t teach and will blame you if you don’t understand.Don’t come to this school.I am a senior right now trust me I regret it.The French teachers make up grades and leave you stuck on how to get a higher grade in French classes.There are no trips nothing just work till 3:47 then go home so don’t expect a lot if you are a freshman.
I've had four principals in my four years of high school and every year was different. It wasn't what I expected high school to be, but I wouldn't have traded my experiences for anything. I've made some friends and joined some clubs. I like this school because it fits me academically and emotionally. However, if you're looking for the typical high school experience of going to different floors in search of your classes or spending class with different people, then maybe this school isn't for you. Yes, there are somethings that I would like to change, but this isn't a bad school and you will learn what you're supposed to here.
Like to see more involvement between the school. There are not many interactive things such as trips or even assemblies.
It Takes A Village Academy fails to bring challenges to the students. They don't offer AP classes and the guidance counselor doesn't give guidance (specifically the 11th-grade counselor) they don't train students for the SAT or ACT also the school doesn't even mention anything about scholarships or internships they don't expose kids to any of the scholarships out there and the safety is very concerning. But on the good side, the teachers are nice and sometimes they teach well.
It takes a Village Academy taught me to be strong and to always be myself. Due to fact that were several different types of students I managed to not get lost in the crowd.
Some teachers are rude and don’t push you to do your best when you are struggling. However they push you to be in AP classes and take the AP test at the end of the year.
The culture of the building is not the nicest but it is becoming better due to programs like Peer Mediation
The experience was very eye opening on how to prepare for the real world. The teachers were very helpful and caring for their students.
During the time, I attending It takes a Village Academy, there was a change in principal three different times. The school is very welcoming, however, the school lacks people who are willing to fight for education. Students are rarely challenged by teachers. SAT prep classes are scarce, they have failed me.
We had 3 different principles in 4 years. Each brought in their own sets of ideas and it was hard to adapt too. Changes in your schedule made it hard to focus and stay on top of your work as well
ITAVA's academics used to be good when I first started high school but have gone downhill since then because of less AP classes and lower scores on regents exams.
This school is like any other high schools. It has a few problems like fights, uncontrollable kids, and people who are just annoying. But that's only and handful of student's. This school is preparing you for the real world, Its basically showing you that there are going to be people in you life that you don't like or can't get along with but as long as you stay focused on what you wanna do they will fail and you succeed in life. And if you can't take the hard truth ,then this school is not right for because the students and teachers will tell you like it it, brutal but honest.
The school is good academically. It can be much better. I started there In the bridge program July 2016 and as an official freshman September 2016.
I made many good friends and the teachers really push for you to get an advanced regents diploma. The ap classes are great as well. They offer many after school clubs and chances for community service as well.
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The experience at It Takes A Village Academy is something I would consider average due highly to the fact the school's resources seem limited. The faculty and staff are helpful now but previous administration weren't the best and are to blame for a lot of transcript mishaps. This school is an extended day school and that's has it's perks such since we're in school longer we take more classes which provides more credits to become available for students. We're also provided with a number of college classes to gain college credits. The downfall of my school would be it's curriculum. I personally believe an extended day school should provide classes that encourages creativity and problem solving skills rather than the typical math, science, English, and history. Student life here is a basket of god apples but also bruised, if you stay true to yourself and don't follow the wrong crowd you should be fine.
It was a good high school - if you know what you go to school for. Otherwise it can be a big distraction with the students, teachers and constant shenanigans that go on in that school.
This school greatly prepared me for college and proved a variety of sports to chose from. The majority of teachers are great. There is always a chance to work with teachers. The sports provided me with a new family that I could look up to.
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