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It was a good high school - if you know what you go to school for. Otherwise it can be a big distraction with the students, teachers and constant shenanigans that go on in that school.
This school greatly prepared me for college and proved a variety of sports to chose from. The majority of teachers are great. There is always a chance to work with teachers. The sports provided me with a new family that I could look up to.
I liked it takes a village academy even though I was able to make good friends at that school. And I was able to entertain myself with all the fun activities. All schools have their downsides but however I was able to learn and pick up the thing they teacher tought to us quickly. I am really grateful for the school and all the opportunities the have given me to learn how to treat others. I also learned who i am too
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Im now a Senior at It Takes A Village Academy. Over the years it has been an okay experience. I give my school four stars because i feel our graduation rate is above other schools which is great. Also, most students feel as a family after their first year in the school which is necessary and helpful for a lot of our students. My school also has a variety of activities even swimming and robotics. My biggest con of It Takes A Village Academy is that phones are taken at scanning meaning that we are not able to keep our phones with us during the day. As a student i dont like the idea of the school having my phone but it keeps the distraction away.
I’ve been going to It Takes a village academy since 10th grade and I can honestly say that I’ve enjoyed every bit of it since . ITAVA brought a lot of different customs and new experiences to me as a student and a person . Teachers have unique ways of teaching which all always us to learn on the same pace so no child is left behind . Attending ITAVA I’ve been college ready since 11th grade and on the track to graduate since 10th . With their extra curricular activities and their wonderful sports clubs I didn’t mind staying in school until 4:15 every day . But I will say it was a relief once I got to 12th grade and began early dismissal. Over ITAVA has been a great experience. Even with the shift of principals we still managed to stay on track and stick together no matter what came our way .
Great Leadership - Ms. Vinitskaya is an excellent principal! She created a program where all students can get college credits for free, AP, SAT prep are free. Graduation rate is 90%. There 25 clubs at school and 30 sport teams.
My overall experience was pretty good with It takes a village academy. It takes a village academy offers many classes. For example, you can take classes like college prep chemistry and pre calculus. It Takes A Village Academy gets you ready for college. Teachers are stern and treat class like a college class. It Takes A Village Academy also offer programs like robotics which many other schools don't have. At this school after school help is also offered. If you do not understand the work that is taught in class, teachers will help you after school.
I would like to see more investment put into our school for the things that we need and I would like for the students to have more of a voice
This school is a very plain school i have nothing to really complain about my school. i can easily understand the subjects except math. the teachers are normal teachers who just do their jobs. they help us with college. however it is hard to find clubs that fit my schedule. food is cheap like all the other food in NYC
This school is horrible! The faculty at this school are extremely rude , this school is not a safe environment for any student.
It Takes a Village Academy seriously prepares you for college. We have great clubs and good sports as well. Some of the policies need to be changed.
The only thing I liked about this college was they offered the students some college class. However, I would like to change how the school forces seniors to take electives and class that were not needed when they had more credits than needed to graduate and gave us free periods and did not force the seniors to stay in school until 2:30 pm and 3:20 pm
My experience at It takes a village Academy has been very good, I learned a variety of knowledge that will be a tool for me to use wherever I go. The teachers at It takes a village Academy are very caring and understanding they will help you adapt to the school and they will be a supporter when needed. There are amazing Sports at It takes a Village Academy and there are also clubs and activities that will you learn new tools and tactics that will always be useful no matter where you go.
This is a great school they provide useful resources for their student. In It takes a Village Academy they teach student to be respectful and well manner. They also challenge student knowledge. The school has amazing skills for both reading and writing. So far in this school i have experience how to read and write all over the text. I learn how to answer multiple choice question. I also learned how to write a well developed essay.
It takes a village academy is a great high school that I would be proud to say that I love it very much teacher's​ are always there to help in any way there can and there are always in activity to keep student entertaining in school as much as they can . The club activity are swimming, volleyball, soccer, basketball, flagged football, baseball,track and field, music.those are all the activities that it takes a village academy have to offer.
It Takes A Village Academy is located in Brooklyn New York not to far from Ralph avenue, it is a quiet neighborhood which creates a sort safety for the Students. I was accepted to that school one year ago when first came in the United States. The school has basketball, football, soccer, pool, volleyball, and track. Certainly in the school there is a lot of athletes. Our form of education is impressive because as your in high school the school gives you the opportunity to take college classes. In Fact the school give you a good environment to learn . Though it is a good school discrimination can be a big issue in the school because there is multiple nation in the school therefore that create a big tension sometimes in the school.
Despite the downfall of the school i believe it is a great school that somebody should go to and have a wonderful experience just like me.
The courses prepare students for college. However the school lacks in diversity. I also feel the school could provide classes that will help students in "Real Life" such as accounting classes and etc.
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I'm in eleventh grade at the moment, and I've had the best time so far. I'm at a public school, but its really good and there are heaps of good opportunities. The friends and relationships I've made will never be forgotten and the people are actually really nice. Also, the subjects you can do, you would be surprised the range there is to choose from, there is something for everyone!! Sports is also one of the best parts of high school too, but even if you are not into it, music and art programs are generally really good. High school are some of the best years of your life, so don't waste it.
Overall, It Takes a Village Academy is a okay but could be way better high school. I say this because although the school is very unorganized and sometimes not as great as it should be they have alot of international trips.
I've Been Going To ITAVA For Four Years And Even Though Its Been A Stressful 4 Years, It Has All Been Worth It. My School Was The Number One Public School In NYC and It Has Multiple Programs To Help You When It Comes To College Credits, College Courses, Extracurriculars, and Many Others. But One Thing That I Love Most Is The Faculties Willingness To Help You Strive. I am Graduating With More Credits Than I Need, Colege Credits, An Advance Dipolma And As Valedictorian And I Couldnt Thank No Body Else Beside The Staff and My Teachers. They Really Do Everything In Their Power To Create As Many Opportunities For You As Possible. I am Really Glad That My Third Choice Did Me Justice and I Can't Wait To Take My Next Step in Life Knowing That I Am Prepared.
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