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The expectations put on the students is pretty low and getting good grades is easy if you’re willing to give an hour or so to class work. They’re pretty relaxed on everything except attendance. They’re a little strict on attendance. The teachers are pretty good, but there’s a few that don’t care a lot about the students.
iSucceed Virtual High School provided me with great teachers and flexible hours. It is the best online school I've used and I would definitely go back if I wasn't graduating! The teachers challenge the students but still are very supportive in their academic work.
I like isucceed for how their schedule works and how easy it is to work on your courses. Teachers respond fairly quickly when I have some questions and the school counselor makes sure to always answer my questions.
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The year before I attended this school, I went to a different online school. It was harder to follow and very stressful. The teachers were strict and I found myself not able to learn, but instead only trying to pass. With Isucceed, I was able to do more things on my own time, and the teachers were very helpful. The content was easier to follow and I had higher grades than the previous school.
I loved that the teachers regularly checked up on me. They were friendly and cared about each student. They also made sure to listen to each student's point of view and found the best way to teach them.
My overall experience has been great a few hiccups every now and then but nothing major, the technology support team is very good about fixing problems that students have had about the course not loading or something of the sort. My speech class has been exciting and very engaging although there is a big problem, I have a school laptop and I have no way of recording my speech all the video recording apps are blocked or do not work and the camera does not have a video recorder. So that sucks but I contacted my instructor and she replied right away with a few different solutions. So other than that I would defiantly go back to this school, also I just moved to Idaho last year and the process of transferring over to this school was a breeze! If I got put into a class I had already taken my counselor was very quick to fix it! Great school.
The teachers at ISucceed really do care about the students. They go above and beyond all of my expectations and are ready to help you when needed. They allow you to take complete control of your education and how you do your school work, whether it's during the day or night doesn't matter as long as you get your work done. All the teachers are very knowledgeable about the topic they teach and give great tips and videos to help you with the course work. The course work is very well put together and very easy to understand, I have never guessed if I'm on the right topic. Overall the teachers and teaching style have been wonderful and I definitely recommend this school.
I loved this school, because it allowed me to work as well as go to school. I was even able to graduate a year early and now I am looking into doing something I love. I am incredibly grateful to my school.
They provided all your general classes and fun electives like physical education. The teachers are awesome and the curriculum met the requirements it was easy to enroll and you weren't forced with a ton of work.
The school was online, they had amazing guidance counselors, they would provide information to prepare you for college, they provided tutoring, they would contact the parents if they needed.
The teachers at this school were super helpful. They would help you outside of office hours, their teaching styles were unique and provided wide variety of ways for students to learn. They were interested in their students education, they would communicate even after hours and they would have your grades always updated.
My favorite things about this school were the staff and the flexibility. All the staff were extremely helpful and that is mainly why I received my diploma. I had flexibility where I wasn't just stuck doing school for 7 hours a day taking in everything at once, and forgetting the same thing I just learnt. This school is unique because they also have activities to get involved in just like a public school. That is differently why I would choose this school if I could do it all over again.
They had so many clubs to get involved in while getting your diploma at iSucceed. The opportunities at iSucceed Virtual high school were student council, creativity club, video game club, yearbook club, parenting club, national honors society, family career and community leaders of America and newspaper club. They also have a graduation ceremony you can attend just like a public school.
I attended an online high school called iSucceed virtual high school and I loved it! I struggled through school because of the academics and no support through school until I found this school. The teachers were super helpful when I was struggling with as assignment. My enrollment councilor emailed back within an hour or less during office hours. The principal's would send me letters congratulating me for my progress. There was no bullying, and no dress code. You were not required to attend and log on every day you just had to meet certain deadlines for your assignments. Each and every staff member were super helpful and I did not have any thing that affected my education.
The teachers and students are all given the best technology available. There have been a couple of times I've had things go wrong with my computer, and they will promptly send me a brand new one with no cost to me. And all of the programs that the teachers use as part of their own curriculum are super easy to use.
I love the flexibility! It has given me the opportunity to do many things I couldn't do in a regular school, while still giving me a good education and letting me work towards an actual high school diploma rather than having to get a GED with regular homeschooling.
I don't really ever get the opportunity to talk to any of my classmates unless we are in a "class" in adobe connect, or if during one of the class sessions I decide to exchange phone numbers or emails with another classmate.
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The teachers are all absolutely wonderful! Since they don't have the opportunity to teach in front of a class like a normal school, they try very hard to try and get to know their students as much as they can. They are pretty much always available to help their students as much as possible. I love all of my teachers!
There isn't a ton of policies for the school because it is online. But one thing that will get you in BIG trouble is plagiarizing anything. Especially since it is so easy to access information online, it tends to be a problem.
I really like the way the system is laid out. Generally the Admissions Office will pick out what core classes you need to have for a year and/semester and then you can pick out what electives you want to have. I workload is very easy to handle, and it is more than possible to catch up or get ahead quickly. The teachers do want to help you succeed and will help you with any questions or problems that you are having to the best of their ability. The flexibility is definitely the best feature about this school. I love it!
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