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Faculty and administration were very focused on helping students with preparing for college, and advanced academics allowed students to challenge themselves.
Great school. Teachers are dedicated and take time out of their day to give extra help to students if they need it. Only complaint is the lack of cleanliness in bathrooms; it's understandably hard to maintain with 2,500+ students, but they're often disgustingly filthy.
I'm a High school senior and I enjoy the positive energy and enthusiasm of the teachers and how engaged they are in your learning
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I enjoyed the vast variety of classes taught by dedicated teachers in terms of the amount of AP classes offered at the school.
The academics at this school are phenomenal, as well as the academic opportunities given to students(Running Start, college in the HS, etc...) and other school events are fantastic(prom, football games, etc...). However, the boundary lines somehow trap every single rich neighborhood in the area, which might be good for funding, but brings in some not-so-great snobby students. Bullying was pretty bas here, especially on the NSFW front. Not only that, but IHS is EXTREMELY competitive, and sometimes it is like the teachers care more about the grade than what they are teaching.
The school offers a very large variety of clubs and sports teams which is amazing because no matter what your interest are I am sure Issaquah will have something for you to be a part of. The students however can sometimes be clicky and judgmental, not to a point where you wont find friends but to a point where you don't always feel welcome.
Issaquah High School is a very safe high school that gives you a small town feel but also only 10 mins away from the nearest big city. The resources this school is able to give it's students is incredible, everything from sports facilities to getting ready to go off to college. The school environment is excellent and one that provides the student with a healthy living and confidence to tackle anything.
There are many ways to get involved throughout the school. No matter what your interests are, there is something for you.
During my time at Issaquah High School, so far it has been a pretty great experience. The resources they provide are excellent but the only thing I did not really like was the teachers. Of course there a going to be your favorite teachers and some you don't like too much, but there seemed to be a lot of the ones I did not like because of the unable to walk up and ask a question.
I moved from France to the United States when I was 15 years old, and I entered Issaquah High school. I did not know English very well, nor did I know anything about the American school system. I did not know anything about the US in general, the culture, lifestyle, what was acceptable and what wasn't. I felt very lost at first. But through all this, the staff and administration never let me down, I received help and support everyday until I adapted to the change. Every teacher I've gotten were amazing, kind, caring and patient. I'm sure I've made lots of mistakes because of cultural differences, but it was never held against me. Plus, the facilities are beautiful, there is access to so many things, I've learned so much over there.
I really like Issaquah High School, and I would definitely recommend it to people who have children and are moving into the Issaquah Area. We have a bunch of different sports, and we also have clubs for anything imaginable!
Bullying, discrimination, violence, unqualified teachers. This school only cares about high achieving students and athletes. There is only one security guard and one police officer for 2,400 students. Very unsafe!!!
One of worst experiences for my child and I. We are in the process of suing the school for negligence and discrimination.
Issaquah High School is a school that is very open and has tons of opportunities for students to get involved within the school. The community of the school was great and it felt as if the school was a small family.
Overall good experience. Lunch options tended to be small portions and the food quality was poor and disappointing. The school's culture seemed to be focused a lot on sports and extracurricular activities, which can be frustrating if you want to focus on academics. The quality of teachers was generally excellent, and there were many resources available to students on a wide array of subjects.
Issaquah High school has good faculty and good ethics. It does require a lot of work to get good grades; if you don't study consistently then it will be apparent in the quality of the work you turn in. I was an admirer of the land around the school; in Phys Ed we were allowed to go on hikes/runs in the trails nearby and it was a nice change of pace. The Sports Med program is amazing and the Band program is also very good.
School provides great opportunities to learn and grow. You will do well in a class based on a teacher's style of grading.
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Issaquah High School is an extremely hard school with not much diversity, but the school and the respect of different cultures ect. But people at this school can be racist and ignorant. for example the was a walk out for the shooting at the school and florida and a group of kids thought it would be fun to wear trump shirts and protest the protest. Which is stupid, but is you want to make a difference when it comes to diverse it is a great school to go to because the are open to improvement and change
Going to Issaquah for the past four years has given me an amazing and memorable high school experience. I am a member of the band, player on the soccer team, and an active student. I've met friends here that I know I will remember for a long time. Being in the band and on the soccer team, I've experienced Issaquah's school spirit first hand. It's something that's so intense its almost palpable. The community here is diverse, and the scenery around the school always puts me in awe.
Issaquah High School has been a good school for me to prepare me for college. IHS offers a wide array of AP classes that all prepare students very well for the exams. It is a beautiful campus with several great teachers, although some are not the best.
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