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I like the amount of programs Islip has to offer considering it is such a small school. Most of the teachers are dedicated and helpful but there is a lot of disconnect between departments and administration.
Overall it is a very good school. The music and theatre program is amazing, the sports department is great with a new track and recently renovated weight room. Most teachers are great and willing to help those who are willing to ask for it.
The school has a variety of courses and electives to keep students engaged. There are a lots of student clubs and a number of sports teams. Teachers seem to care about students learning and their general well being. There is a great school pride!
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What is Islip to me? Islip is an extremely small town located on the south shore of Suffolk County Long Island. Growing up in Islip for the past seventeen years of my life I’ve met my closest friends, and have made the fondest memories. Whether it was running laps at track practice while the sunset trying to PR my time for the next big meet or going to the football games on Friday night, cheering on my closest friends while they played under the spotlights as the whole stand bleeds purple and gold. Islip has truly been such a great place to grow as a person. I’ve had many opportunities throughout my years at Islip. Such as getting involved in the VE business program which I earned nine college credits in senior year and joining athletes helping athletes, a club for athletes to join to help the less fortunate kids in Suffolk County. Every teacher in this school creates a close bond with their students so they’re prepared to enter the next chapter of their lives.
My experience in Islip High School was average, it prepared me for college in an acceptable way but did not give me any extras to help me support myself later in life. There are many opportunities to become part of a team, club, or musical instrument.
Islip High School is overall a great school for many different reasons. The school offers many clubs and activities where anyone can find people who have common interests. Within the past few years, the school went under massive renovations that provide state of the art facilities for their students and faculty members. There are many excellent teachers that inspire and help the students to go above and beyond. In my four years I had mainly a positive experience and highly recommend this school
Academics were good, school environment could have used some improvement, but from what I understand the new principal who started after I graduated has made some positive changes. The school still lacks diversity, but that also comes from the town/location, as it is a public school.
To be honest, the school district needs more funding and a better allocation of funds. Several departments are under funded, especially the music and arts department, while the football team is given millions of dollars.
islip is a district that lacks many things however overall many teachers did make it much better, especially the science department and all faculty within it
Most people dislike Islip. But there are many things like the teachers and some students that make it better. You just need to find good people in order to enjoy IHS
Islip High School has a pretty balanced blend of different extra curricular activities, ranging from tons of sports to the arts and music. The faculty members are very unique and every student will find a favorite
Islip High School is a very nice high school. Both the High school and Middle school recently went thru a 85 Million dollar upgrade. New basketball and tennis court along with a new stadium and two turf field make Islip one the the best sport facilities on Long Island. New lockers, windows and computers along with new roofs and auditoriums are only some of the upgrades both schools have received. The teachers are fantastic and the school gets students ready for college.
I loved Islip for all it had to offer to me. Being a three sport athlete was a great time with all the fans supporting us including our bleacher creatures. I will never forget the clubs or my awesome teachers that would meet me at anytime just to offer extra help.
Islip High School is a great educational institution! They have many opportunities for a person to grow no matter what your skill level is. It doesn't focus only on sports. My four years here have been a positive experience and has made me grow as a good person and citizen. Yes, education is important but exposure to music, clubs, and community make you a well rounded person.Proud to be from Islip a great place to live!!!
My experience at Islip High School was definitely a positive one. The memories and friends I made there will last a lifetime. Between the faculty and the overall environment, I enjoyed everything till the very last day. IHS is full of traditions and exceptional sports teams that make the experience even better. Although school isn't every kids favorite, Islip High School made it tolerable.
Most teachers were very helpful when a student was struggling in class. AP courses were well taught and challenging enough to be prepared for the AP exam.
Islip High School is your typical American suburb aggregation of "commitment to excellence" as the district motto goes. A great place to grow up and learn a lot more than just algebra and history.
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The teachers and staff care deeply about their students beyond the realm of "doing their job." They want to see their students grow, learn, and be a driving force of change in the world. And also, the food is pretty good, too.
Some clubs are excellent, but yearbook club is horrible. The teacher only likes her favorites to do things. My friend and I tried to join and we felt unwelcomed there by the teacher and the students who have been in the club last year.
I would go to this school again. We have a great principal who is always interacting with the students. Many classes to choose from. Teachers are very supportive of the students.
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