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I like the concepts they come up with just not the way they imply them. I would like to see a change in discipline at the school as well. Also the school needs to figure out away to encourage more of a cultural diversity.
Isle High School is okay, we have good teachers but we dont have many classes offered so you have to take them online and the lunches aren't the best. Not many sports offered but great coaches and well supported. Teachers go out of there way to help students when they need it. Overall with all the good and bad I'd say Isle High School is okay.
Isle high school is where I have gone to school my whole life and I am fond of the school. In northern Minnesota, we aren't exposed to much diversity therefor giving this school a bad review on diversity. Our test scores are about average, but that comes with a small student sample size. For students like me who are interested in getting a good education, our teachers and administration are ready to help. With small classes the material is easy to learn. We also have many options for CIS through Central Lakes College, which can give us free college credit and an opportunity to experience college classes while still in high school. We have a safe community and I wouldn't be against having my kids attend Isle high school.
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The teachers are nice and care about your education. The classes are relatively small, and, if you care about your education, you would learn a lot. The only real problem with Isle is that they don't have computer programming classes, or classes in game design.
The school isn't the best, but it is decent.
There is not always a variety in the menu, but they try to have foods that many people like.
There isn't much to help against bullying and dress codes and controversial policies. They are more focused on people who misbehave in class.
This school is very big on basketball.
Teachers are very easy to get along with, and many are easy to talk to.
There are not many after school activities.
There weren't many opportunities to prepare for the real world.
The school offers tutoring after school, Monday-Thursday for about 2 hours a night. Our school also participates in the Ramp-Up for Readiness program, which helps students prepare for college. Upward Bound is also a small part of our school. An advisor from CLC Brainerd who is in the Trio program comes to our school once a week and talks with members of Upward Bound and makes sure that they are on track.
The students are very judgemental. It is best to be in a group that you feel comfortable with. There are cliques, but everyone gets along with everyone, if you aren't too different.
There are about two teachers for every required subject, and one teacher for every elective subject. There are some teachers who do an outstanding job with their teaching styles, but there are some teachers who have a hard time explaining the content in a manner that can be understood easily.
There are about two teachers for every required subject. Math has three teachers. For the electives, there is one teacher per subject. There are a good variety of classes, until you reach about 11th grade, and then you run out of classes to take. The school does offer PSEO to students in good academic position starting in 11th grade. We have just turned back to a semester schedule with 7 classes per day. There is no study hall, for most students.
The school has a low-tolerance for bullying. The dress code is normal. No spaghetti strap tops, and bottoms have to go to mid thigh. There aren't any guidance counselors, but the teachers and staff are very easy to get along with, and they are there to listen and help if you need it.
There are quite a few of sports and activities offered at this school. The most participated in (and seems to be most important) is basketball. There is also volleyball, wrestling, speech, golf, baseball and softball, and a few more. The school also offers after-school tutoring from 3:00 until 4:45. Not many students attend tutoring, but if you need the help, it is there, and the tutors really try to help with what you are working on.
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Most of the student body is involved in athletics and sports. At home games, the bleachers are filled with fans. Many people dress in the school colors, especially on game days. Sports are a big part of the school, so the gymnasium and other equipment are in tip-top shape.
The menus are previously planned. Chicken nuggets, tenders, and burgers are served a lot. There isn't much time that passes between two of the same lunches. The school tries to be healthier, but we still have a lot of unhealthy options. Pizza is served at least once a week.
There are some people that get bullied. Sometimes an adult at the school will not help resolve the issue and just push it aside if it isn't a threat or major bullying. There are security cameras. The whole school can be seen with the use of cameras, except the bathrooms and classrooms. There are no doors on the bathrooms to help stop bullying.
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