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I have attended Isle of Wight Academy for 14 years. I have been extremely pleased by my teachers and their willingness to provide extra assistance to students in need. The teachers want to see their students succeed. The administration is pleasant to work with and eager to help students anyway they can, whether that be helping them with applications or even providing life advice. Even though Isle of Wight Academy is an excellent school, there are some aspects that need improvement. Preparations for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT need to improve. A lot of the math seen on these standardized tests is not taught in the classroom. Also, the school needs more clubs and activities that students can get involved in. The school needs diversity so that the students can explore different ways of the thinking and express themselves creatively. Overall, Isle of the Wight Academy is a great school that any child would be lucky to attend.
I have attended Isle of Wight Academy since I was in Pre-School. Being able to attend the same school has been an amazing experience and blessing for me. Growing up with the same students and teachers has been fun! They are like family. I love all the school traditions we have. I look forward to graduating and having made the best memories through out my school years that will stay with me for a lifetime.
IWA is an awesome school! As an alum and a parent, I can't say enough great things about all that is going on at IWA. They have really improved in so many ways over the last 15 years and are only getting better.
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Isle Of Wight Academy has been an overall great experience for me as a student. I have had wonderful teachers throughout high school who have helped me become the student I am today. I feel like I am prepared for college and for the courses that I will take in the future.
just like all schools have their flaws, this one does too but i’ve made so many memories here and has had such an impact on my life
I have attended IWA since preschool. The best things about IWA are the relationships and family community. Parent involvement is high. The teachers truly care about the students. The school encourages independent and critical thinking.
Overall the school is okay, would I choose to come here? If it was my only choice ,,,, needs help with food and facilities !
I transferred from another private school and I am very happy here. I have had no issues being accepted into the IWA family . Other students welcomed me as their friend and my academic needs are being met beyond my expectations. IWA provides more than a caring teaching staff and a challenging curriculum, it offers a variety of activities. There is no doubt the students here are well rounded and prepared for college when they graduate. I have recommended IWA to our friends who were dissatisfied with the culture at other private schools and those who have transferred here are so happy they did.
The thing about Isle of Wight Academy I liked best was the close knit of the faculty and students, everyone knew everyone. It made it feel very homey and comfortable because they were very welcoming to new students. I also liked how I graduated with enough credits that I was halfway done with my associates degree. The only thing I wish that IWA could do better is to not pride so much on sports, because if you're not into sports or good at them, then no one really talks to you and you're not as important. I had an okay time at IWA, I had trouble making good friends that would last, because I came in at middle school when the clichés and groups already formed. But I've seen a lot of people still hang out with their friends from high school, especially at IWA.
Attended Isle of Wight Academy since preschool and have enjoyed my time since arriving. Simple rules weren’t thoroughly enforced on all students but under new administration it has been a better experience. Wonderful at preparing students and assisting when needed for school work.
Really laid back culture... students aren't really motivated and the teachers aren't either. Kids do bad things and administration doesn't really care. The grades do not accurately represent student's capability and the school inflates grades to help them get into colleges. Lots of students cheat... no honor system to do anything about it.
I love the small nit community of Isle of Wight academy. You know everyone and the teachers get one on one because they're aren't that many students. I'd like to see a different range of cooler classes besides all the basics. I'd also like to see the schools income go somewhere besides the sports teams.
Isle of Wight Academy has a family-like atmosphere. The teachers and students know each other very well and provides a comfortable environment. The school also provides many college credit classes that help prepare juniors and seniors for college. The cafeteria food needs to be modified.
This school is the only school I have ever been to so it is difficult to compare it to other schools but in my opinion, Isle of Wight Academy is a great school for the average to above average student. Though if you are a genius level student it is not the best choice because this school lacks some programs that would make it better. With this being said IWA (as it is called) has fantastic teachers that do their very best to teach the students, as well as to help them succeed in other aspects of the school experience. All in all, IWA is a great school and I am glad to be a part of the family.
Isle of Wight Academy does an excellent job of promoting a family environment. Everyone is involved somehow and the teachers (for the most part) truly take care of the students. The majority of the students get into good colleges, with a few in each class getting into top-notch schools such as William & Mary and UVA. If you wish to succeed academically, there are people here (both students and faculty members) who will encourage you to do so. If you wish to glide through, people are still nice to you. It's that family environment.
I graduated from Isle of Wight Academy after attending 5 years (8th-12th grades). The thing I enjoyed most about the school was the familial aspect. Since it is a small school ranging from Pre-K through 12th grade, there are generations that have gone/are going through the same school. The teachers are aware of everything the students are going through, making them care even more, not only regarding academics, but also their well-being. The community surrounding Isle of Wight Academy is also astounding. Being a private school, there are families who come from all over, but are all so invested in the success of the school. The athletic and art departments display that bond the most.
The school is very safe.
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For being so small, the school offers a wide variety of activities. Everyone participates in a little bit of everything.
This school really is a family and everyone treats everyone else with love and respect.
The teachers truly care about each and every one of their students and will do anything to help them succeed.
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