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I love the atmosphere, there is always a club to join or connections to make. I actually feel prepared for college.
I enjoy the teachers at Islands High School, but the building itself is a bit dirty and small for the number of students in attendance. The school offers many different club and sport opportunities for students. The AP and Honors courses available to students are vast and give students the opportunity to get ahead. Dual Enrollment courses are also offered through several colleges around Savannah.
The school was constantly in a poor condition. Classes were not challenging nor engaging. Teachers constantly complained about how much they despised working there. The building is a former middle school and I don't find it acceptable to be holding about 1,000 students, teachers, and faculty members in such a small vicinity. I am glad that I had the opportunity to get out of there and transfer to a better school where I feel challenged and can actually learn and explore new passions.
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As an uprising senior at Islands High School, the past three years at the school have been very rewarding. Not only does Islands High School offer a wide variety of clubs, sports, and advanced placement/honors courses, but the diversity of the school is astonishing. Students have the potential opportunity to interact with people from every walk of life, helping to prepare them for their eventual release into society as an adult. Therefore, not only does Islands High School help to prepare students for college or any other post-high school plans from an academic and athletic standpoint, but also from a standpoint of social and cultural awareness. I highly recommend this school based on the very positive experience that I have had.
I would like to see the school work more smoothly with paper work. I would also like to see an decrease in unnecessary regulations.
My high school experience definitely had its pros and cons. I didn't particularly enjoy the cafeteria food or having to wear uniforms. If you asked me during my senior year of high school, I absolutely would have liked to see these things change. As someone who just finished a very stressful first year of college, these dislikes are very small in the grand scheme of things. My high school gave me an exceptional education that I could not have received elsewhere. The Scientific Research Program allowed me to attend a school outside of my district; gifting me with priceless experiences and knowledge. I was able to travel to Atlanta and Athens for a Sigma Xi conference and State Science Fair. These visits expanded our knowledge as a group and gave each student the opportunity to progress in their own way. Our teacher was very involved with our futures and allowed us to spend class time researching and applying to colleges. Islands High School is the reason where I am today.
I have been at Islands High School for 4 years. I must say that there are some pretty good teachers at that school. They make it really easy for students to understand the content being taught and break them down using the standards. However, I have came across some faculty/teachers who can be somewhat prejudice. That ruins my whole perspective of how Islands were supposed to be looked upon when I attended that school my freshman year.
It's a great school, although some of the teachers does not care about their class. They end up making the students make the lecture power points, word problems, etc. and present it to the class. Also, be careful. Some of the teachers, administrators, and principle picks favorites and they hardly ever get in trouble but they would hound on those that they don't like.
Islands HS was a good school prior to the new administration. Academics, student success, diversity, and college and career readiness were the expectations for ALL attending students. Now it is has a culture of drugs, bigotry, and success for a few. The teachers and administration are not required to teach diverse students using their learning styles or differentiated strategies. The school is ran like a middle school. For the pathways offered, the school is not connected with college programs that challenge or enhance student learning at the collegiate level. The vision is limited.
my experience ay islands high it is very fun but also hard work but i have made good friends at this school and i am expecting to see a lot of my classmates on graduation.
The majority of the students don't care about school or people around them. If you are just like that then you would love it, everyone skips class and we are called "Highlands" for a reason (drugs). But if you care about you're education and time I would not recommend, however, there are great classes and pathways offered. The school used to be a middle/elementary school so it is very very small and crowded.
All of the teachers are so friendly, however the principal acted like the students were middle schoolers. Overall great experience the material was taught in a good way and the sports were incredible
I love how Islands has a wide variety of courses that attain towards college readiness. Each year there seems to be new classes added on. Islands holds the academic value of the students on a pedestal and makes sure each student's needs are tended to. Islands offers great programs for young scholars to join. Within each pathway, there are numerous opportunities that help the students get a hands on experience in what may possibly become their future career. With many clubs that are student lead, participate in competitions, and give back to the community, the students get to shine and show their potential. Islands also offers a great athletic program to our athletes. Islands is diverse in reaching out to all of the student's strong traits and does their best to aid in each of the students to strive for success. With their rules and regulations, Islands tries to have a friendly and safe environment for all the students and faculty and staff.
I transfered to Islands my senior year and the counseling office was very nice and welcoming to me. Most of the teachers are very understanding and helpful to all students. The school is well organized and quite clean, so far it has been about as good as it can be in these circumstances.
It's not a bad school. Sports are definitely emphasized as well as academics. They have the vet program and the scientific research program, meaning that dogs are all around the school and students can take classes on small animal Care, which is pretty neat. Overall it's alright.
Great programs, great teachers, and great principal. There are a lot of AP classes, and great clubs and organizations available including Future Farmers of America, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Sharks for Christ, Mock Trial, National Honor Society, and Science National Honor Society. The teachers are always there to help you learn and want you to succeed. Islands High School is a great place to be, and I would not trade it for any other school. Also, the scientific research program is top-notch.
Islands was a very good school and allowed me to move at my own pace and provided a smooth transition from private to public school.
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Islands is an amazing school. Full of great teachers and staff members. You will feel welcomed when you attend Islands. Fun learning environment.
I enjoyed my time throughout the four years I went to Islands, I made lots of friends and became good friends with my teachers. If I could redo my four years of high school, it would have to be there.
I have been at Islands since my freshman year. I would not have changed much about my high school experience. I have enjoyed being apart of the vet program that the school offers and some of my best memories derive from the room 201, our vet lab. It's not all about playing with puppies and kittens, we learn useful first aid skills, medical terminology, handling procedures and more. This program, I feel, has prepared me the most for college. If I could change one thing it would have to be the physical size of the school. Islands if growing with each year and our original building was made to be a middle school, but now we have over a thousand high schoolers in the small space. Overall my experience with Islands has been a great one. The teachers are very supportive and love their jobs and have made my four years here amazing.
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