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They always cared for you, and always tried to help us in anyway they can. They always make it known that their doors are always open if we ever need someone to talk to. We have many different clubs that we can join and after school activities we can be apart of. They also always try to get us involved in the school, in end it will really benefit us and at the same time we would be having a lot of fun, creating new memories.
Island Trees is a very small school; so, while it’s size does limit extracurriculars and acedemics, it allows the students to form bonds with almost all of their teachers and classmates.
I've enjoyed my time here, much more than previous schools (i've moved around quite a bit.) The teachers are what makes IT so special--99% of them are entirely committed, amazing teachers. It makes learning much more enjoyable. There's a few bad eggs, obviously...but not enough to stain the lot.
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Most teachers are the very least knowledgeable in their subject, but some have trouble conveying the lesson to students. There are attitudes to students either fall into one of three categories: would do anything for, are indifferent for, can't stand children. I've had outstanding teachers that have helped in personal lives and genuinely take interest in their development. The students themselves are a diverse group with many different personalities and types. We're a pretty well behaved school with very few really conflicts. Some kids that are on the rougher side cause trouble every so often, but they are outliers for the most part.
The majority of teachers are great, prepared and reasonable. Some are not. The facilities are as advanced as they can be, with many club options. Very conducive administrative staff. I love going here and the small community is great for helping students bond and grow.
I loved that it was a small school and you got to know every student. The bad aspects of this school was that it seemed like the faculty and council did not care much attention to the emotions and ideas of the students.
Island Trees is a good public school with teachers dedicated to making a difference in the educational experience of the students who attend it. Although the staff is motivated to teach the next generation of citizens, often times their impact is limited to an increasingly tightened budget. Certain sports and clubs are also favored by the administrators, leading to a disparity in the dispersion of the funds that are already low to begin with. Nevertheless, as long as a student went in prepared to learn as much as possible, they would prosper enough to make it to a good college. Especially due to the wide array of extracurriculars available, a student's resume had the potential to be impressive upon completion of four years at this institution.
My high school was decent. I didn't like how small it was and everyone knew everyones business. The teachers for the most part were very good and if you needed extra help they were attentive. I didn't like how the upper class men weren't allowed to go out for their lunch, I felt as if I was in a prison and couldn't leave. We should have been able to get more freedom if we proved we could hades it.
Very good teachers. Good after school activities. I will say there are not much courses offered to help students choose a college or career path. Overall good school though.
Island Trees is an amazing school with fantastic educational opportunities. Island Trees gets their students well prepared for college and the career the students want to pursue. Full of amazing educators and kind people, Island Trees is a great school.
The academics is very good. If you need help with your child the support staff is well informed. The college preparation classes are accepted by most colleges. Also the sports programs are done well grades come before sports .
I had a great experience as an Island Trees student. I really enjoyed the staff and made some great friends.
Island trees High School is one big family. If you attend this school you know everyone you pass in the halls everyday. The teachers at this school want nothing but the best for their students and develop a relationship with each and every one of their students. They personally know every student and do their best to see them succeed.
As an Island Trees student, I can say the school is definitely above many others. While it lacks the greatest food and the athletics aren't top-notch, there is a lot of school spirit and a good relationship with the community is upheld. Academics are good, each class is extremely competitive for the most part, though there always are exceptions. The teachers are the best part. The majority are great and helpful and build meaningful relationships with their students. Guidance Office is always ready to help students with college issues and questions. While the cell phone rules are annoying, as well as closed campus, the school administration truly cares about the safety of the students.
My experience at Island Trees has been one to remember. Overall, it has been a great experience. Like many others, my life would not be the same in any aspect. The friends that I have around me, the sports that I've been in, even the teachers that I've had have made my life amazing. Not many people in Island Trees have been mean in any matter. Life was just great and I couldn't have wished to be in a different or better school. The only things that I would want to have changed would be the food that the school serves and the designs of the bathrooms and locker rooms. I have had an absolute blast at Island Trees and could have asked for anything better.
Island Trees is a very diverse high school, with many different students interacting with one another. The teachers are very resourceful and useful in guiding students to achievement.
Island Trees is a great school district. I loved my experience at Island Trees High school for many reasons. First, the small population makes this school have a very close feel and certainly makes you feel like you're a big part. Also, Island Trees has plenty of great teacher and is a highly ranked school in New York state. Lastly, my favorite part of Island Trees High School has got to be the people. Everyone who goes to this school loves it and feels and obligation to be apart of it. I wouldn't want to go to any other high school.
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Island Trees high school is the best. I do not want anything to change except that Island Trees should offer more classes and extracurricular activities. I love how IT High is oriented and do not want anything to change.
I grew up in Island Trees District as a little boy. Ever since I have gotten to the high school, I have felt satisfied with the services overall provided. The environment is welcoming, with an ample amount of clubs and activities available for the limited amount of students. The staff overall has effort for their students and care along with the community for us students. Island Trees is an interesting school from other public schools.
At this school I enjoyed the class selection, the people and overall enjoyed spending time with the staff.
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