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They need to take away the dress code because it is stupid and takes away all of our individuality and character. Obviously no one is going to wear things like booty shorts to school, it's stupid that we can't just wear regular clothes.
Academically this is a wonderful school. The kids are prepared for college. The teachers and administrators care about our kids. I couldn't ask for a better school for my children.
This was a great high school. I felt over prepared when I went to college. Highly recommend! The campus is absolutely beautiful and the staff is so genuine and honestly cares about you. At Island School you get to learn in a loving yet academically challenging environment. It is also great because it is a Pre-k though 12th grade school, therefore you can essentially get your entire education here until you graduate and move on to college! I was and am so glad that I can say I am an Island School Alumni.
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sucks. this school is way too stressful, fosters no creative thinking, and piles on an immense workload onto each student starting in middle school. many of the teachers give no regard to the students, and the overall atmosphere is that of stress, anxiety, and depression. the students have no school pride and hate the school, the teachers are unenthusiastic about their jobs, and the faculty does nothing to fix any of the many problems here. two big thumbs down- as a student i can say with confidence that this school has made my high school experience truly horrible.
Being a student here for over 10 years, there's no doubt I absolutely enjoyed my life here. The teachers are clearly well-qualified to teach their subjects, the community is thriving and incredibly supportive, and the overall atmosphere is just nice. That being said, the disciplinary aspect of Island School could be improved.
I have two children at Island School and we are very happy with the quality of education our kids receive. Academics are the best and they provide a caring and loving environment as well.
Best private school on Kauai hands down. The teachers genuinely care about the students' success and work to help them achieve all they can. I have 2 kids who attend here and both get an excellent education. They don't have a lot of resources, they don't have a huge pot of money, but they make the best of what they have.
Excellent teacher. The academics are very strong and the teachers are excellent. The students are prepared for college. Many extra curricular opportunities available and students are involved. The athletics are getting more competitive.
I just started my high career at this school, and I enjoy it so far. I made many friends, and the people there seem nice. However, some of the teachers there are very intelligent and are not made to be high school teachers. The rules are very strict and can sometimes be very constraining.
The teachers are wonderful and the students work very hard. My experience as a parent have been positive. It is a college prep environment that works hard to develop a loving and caring community.
Excellent academics and strong teachers. The SAT and AP scores are very strong. The teachers are very good overall and I appreciate all the help they give my child. - keep building athletic program
The teachers care very much about their students. Small class sizes and very focused on a college preparatory curriculum.
It's a pretty good academic school, and the best education on Kauai. However, there is a lot of constraining policies and rules that the school upholds which makes it somewhat unpleasant as an everyday experience, especially as the staff seem not to care about more important issues like a bad teacher once in a blue moon or a bullying problem or even drug use. These are glossed over while the dress code and cheating on homework are strictly enforced. It's a good school with a lot of problems, all in all.
Not many extracurriculars or clubs provided since it's a small school
Made wonderful friends, and there were some people in staff that were good but some mean teachers that didnt care
There are a few teachers that tried hard but a lot didnt seem to care
i dont go to any clubs
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its just the teachers and the rules are so strict
to be a teacher at this school, you don't need a degree to teach. one teacher even bought a teaching kit for 400 dollars and didn't mind to buy a new one for the next grade up.
Some teachers are highly intelligent and obviously are not meant to be high school teachers. While some are extremely inexperienced and just bad overall. Often times I've found myself having to learn from other students due to the inadequacy of some teachers and their teaching methods.
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