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I like that it was easy for me to make new friends this past year at Island Pacific Academy; I moved from Maryland to Hawaii last summer and missed all of my friends in Manchester, Maryland. When I got to Island Pacific Academy the kids were outgoing and welcoming. I also participated in sports for the first time to include track, volleyball, and basketball. Although I was not the best player it was still enjoyable because of the friends I made along the way. My teachers are friendly and always willing to help me if I have any questions or need additional help with assignments.
The people at the school are great! We have the normal arguments and frustrated students but when push comes to shove there has always been a teacher or another member of the staff that students could trust and I loved getting to know everyone there, especially the friends that I will cherish forever
Administration is awful in the secondary building. They try, but they're not connected to the rest of the school so some of the decisions they've made could have been more effective if they had talked to the community more.

The teachers and students are amazing, but not many teachers stay so it's hard for the school to work out the kinks in courses. It also means some information (especially concerning colleges) slips through the cracks when a past teacher assumes a future teacher will go over it, and a future teacher assumes the class already knows. Thankfully, the teachers are wonderful and always willing to spend extra time answering questions or just talking.

Overall, if there's anything I'll miss about IPA, it's the community. It's impossible to walk down the hall and someone not smile at you, just as it is unlikely you will ever find yourself alone when you need help.
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Island Pacific Academy is a private school located in Kapolei, Hawai'i. I feel that IPA has a very rigorous education system. For instance, it is an International Baccalaureate (IB), school. In my opinion, the system is flawed and it doesn't allow for a lot of students to reach their full academic potential. I would recommend more AP classes for upper students to receive college credit, other than just the IB courses. They don't have a lot of facilities compared to other private schools on the island as well. However, the people that make up the school is what sets it a part from others. The students and faculty really do care and there is a real sense of "family" when you go there. I have made life long friends and we have a bond that is unbreakable. This is what makes IPA so special. The people genuinely care for you and will go the extra mile to help you succeed.
IPA has a very outstanding community. Everyone here has something to say and when it's your turn to talk everyone is dying to listen. It's an amazing school to attend and I am proud that I am going to be graduating from this school soon.
I've been at IPA for many many years and it's become sort of like my second home. With a relatively small student body and campus, I've grown close to not only my peers but to the faculty as well. Even though we are not large in size, we are large in spirit and heart, teaching and welcoming kids from all over the US and other countries as well.
I enjoyed the positivity that came with the environment of the teachers and the staff. I was challenged with in-depth courses that helped my capabilities as a student.
I.P.A. is overall a really good school. The academics are great and the teachers are heavily involved with ensuring their students success. There are various athletics that students can be involved in, even some D1 sports.
The school community is incredibly friendly, welcoming, safe, and encourages each student attending be involved in any part of the community. Because of the tight community, each student is given equal opportunities. However, the resources could be a little more diverse, and the academics could be a little more structured. Overall, I am very happy with my experience at IPA.
Academics are a certifiable joke. The days consist of far too much independent, non-instructional time (and kids watching youtube). This school is the most expensive babysitter I have ever hired. Don't waste your time or money here. My kids have attended schools in multiple states, and their education was extraordinarily unsatisfactory at IPA. Disenrolled and found a better program.
Simply terrible. Academics are a joke and are not commensurate with mainland school systems. High-quality teachers from a few years ago are gone. STEM classes are elementary and more arts and crafts than anything. Save your time and money. Look elsewhere. We disenrolled our middle schooler halfway through the year after no improvements were made.
I have attended this school for quite a few years and it has been great. The teachers work really hard and although I have seen many people come and go, and experienced a ton of changes, one thing stays the same. Everyone always says what a welcoming, safe and fun community it is to be apart of.
What I like about Island Pacific Academy are the class sizes and how it's small. It gives students an opportunity to receive aid from teachers who are always willing to help. What I want to see change at Island Pacific Academy besides the fact of adding a gym is their science department and providing them equipments so that students can get a better hands-on learning.
Small school and safe and great location. Strong academic in upper school and facilities are clean.Strong parents involvement. Teachers turn over is too high and curriculum is often changed and don't have much support to students who are academically strong. They have to find their own resource.
Island Pacific Academy is a small school, but kids get a lot of individual attention. The location is great and easy to get to from the west side. We found most of the teachers willing to give 150 percent to better the kids they have been charged to educate, but they often get derailed having to accomplish tasks that should be handled by the administration. Like most schools, there are some teachers there that are less than stellar, but the school does a good job of weeding them out. The college counselor was one of the highlights, but she is leaving the school after the class of 2017 graduates.
As a recent graduate of IPA, I can say that I'm heading towards a good direction in life, and in large part that's due to the support I have received in the community of IPA.

Not to say everything is perfect of course. When compared to other private schools on the island, there is significantly less resources to take advantage of (which has the capability to impact your academic progression) and the IB system is very flawed.

However, what this school excels in which these other schools lack is a personal touch. Every student will be accounted for, every student will feel safe, and every student has the potential to form meaningful connections with teachers and classmates. You will have the ability to come out successful.

This school is not for everybody, but it was the right school for me. And if you especially value the elements I have praised in this review, then I guarantee that you will not find an experience as beneficial as you will in this campus.
I have been going to this school since Kindergarten and I am now a Junior in high school. The school has gone through many ups and downs, but an element that has stayed consistent is the culture and the students. Everyone is supportive of each other and I have made friendships that I am sure will last a lifetime. I have been able to pursue my passions and succeed in my academic endeavors. Lastly, teachers go above and beyond just teaching in the classroom which has made my high school experience great because they truly care for the students here.
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I have been going to island pacific academy since my freshman year, and it has been a significant challenge. There are many days and weeks that I truly believe that I may not make it through, but thanks to the teachers and the community there, I manage to not only survive, but thrive. The environment is very intense, and schedules can be extremely rigorous, but the school tries its best to give you the opportunities you need in order to decide what you really want to do and who you really want to be.
What I like about Island Pacific Academy is the college readiness, since it is a college preparation school. I admire the friendly atmosphere, where when one falls behind, there are peers and faculties that will support you of where you need to be. Surely, there is a diversity within the school, including the school culture that we preserve - such as Hawaiian culture, as related to May Day. The clubs and activities bring the community as a whole as our slogan "Where Values Matter", uses the idea of supporting global issues such as disasters in Japan, where the Red Cross club will help raise a certain amount to ease survivors for what they have encountered.
Island Pacific Academy has good faculty, administration, and facilities. Academically Island Pacific academy is a little above average, because some students do not get A`s and B`s. Since you are going to a Private School, people may think your family has a lot of money. There is little to no bullying in the high school. As a whole, this school is great for those who would like to apply themselves and learn. Therefore I recommend IPA as a college-preparatory academy.
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