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The school is not bad but the combination of strict rules and lack of school spirit makes it hard to give it anything more.
Island Coast was inclusive, fun, and riddled with school spirit! Staff is always helpful. It really changed my highschool experience for the better.
I really enjoyed my education at Island Coast at recommend incoming freshman to attend this school. Island Coast has many AP and honors classes you can take at the school. The school has amazing teachers and a good education programs. We also have great electives like marine biology where we harvest fish and crawfish. Many students that i ask about there experience at island coast they are really pleased with choosing this school to further their education.
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My experiences here at coast, have been nothing but a blessing and fun. I joined the bowling team last year and ever since I made myself involved with the school, I've had nothing but good days. My friends from coast are always there and supportive, and the teachers are always willing to help and answer any questions.
was okay dont really reccomend it for freshman without a tough skin because you're gonna need it. strict rules but thats expected. lot of students
For the past four years, my teachers have been the most welcoming and kind people. With that being said, the teaching at this school is not great and I would like to see this change. As someone who is highly academically involved, I have taken a variety of AP courses. While the people who teach these courses are generous and warmhearted individuals, their teaching itself suggests that they are only teaching the course for the raise they get if a certain amount of students pass the AP exam. This limits my learning for the reason that whenever a student is genuinely curious about something and asks the teacher for an explanation, the teacher simply states that "it will not be on the AP exam", so we do not need to learn it. Along with this, teachers are extremely lenient when it comes to deadlines. Discipline is rarely seen at school because of this reason, as well as parent involvement.
There is absolutely nothing I like about this school. Administration and staff will not return your phone calls unless you call the school board and make a complaint.

The school has fights everyday kids are smoking marijuana in the bathrooms.

The staff does not show any support for students to help them succeed.

This is the only high school in Cape Coral without a waiting list to get in.
I was put into this terrible excuse for a school because there were no spaces in any other schools. The people there are so rude and dramatic and its honestly depressing to be there. Im just trying to get through this semester so I can leave this school.
Island coast high school is a school that screams diversity and acceptance. Whether that's by circumstance or the goodwill of the students, I know not. The school itself is relatively normal, although its classes appear unusually easy compared to that of other schools. The school is also rather strict when it comes to rules. Not that it's a bad thing, just maybe a few changes couldn't hurt. Like the absolutely no cell phones policy, I should't be hounded between classes for having a cell phone out, another change could be a change to the teachers lesson plan, more specifically to the language classes, because they mostly consist of taking notes.
I believe Island Coast is a pretty good school all around. This year we have had quite a few changes which will surely affect how next year is, such as how our old principal, Mrs. Bueno, is switching out for the principal fron Diplomat Middle. The teachers are all around pretty good with a few odd balls, while programs are pretty intuitive as well, such as JROTC, AP Capstone, and more. Also, the Aquaponics and Environmental Academy is amazing, and from what I've heard, the Law Academy is making a big comeback with many new changes. Hopefully with new admin head, and more determined Freshmen, the things that bring the school down like a poor school spirit will improve.
This high school is great when it comes to academics and sports. When it comes to safety it isn't the best, then again no school is ever safe.
It was amazing! I loved every second. They even helped me prepare for my major in college. They have academies, ap classes, dual enrollment etc. All things to help prepare for college. The student activities and sports were very involving. They would also promote every sport and tell all the "Gators" to come to the swamp for a gator showdown. The faculty would come to some of the sports games as well. The principal went to a different city with the cheerleaders and football players and supported us even though we weren't in the school. I find that very amazing.
My experience at Island Coast has been great. It is a school to remember. I went to this school since freshman year and (right now )junior year. I look forward to seeing what my last year brings me. I am going to become a going to become a upcoming senior starting this year. What I liked about Island Coast coaches and the activities that I got a chance to be apart was a learning process for me. I also liked to meet new people. What I would like to change would be the amount of students and the school lunch.
I liked the teachers and the curriculum. The music classes there are excellent. The teachers are always making sure the students are doing their best.
I didn’t like how strict they were. They were strict on things that don’t really affect high school like cell phones and ear buds or headphones.
Island Coast High School is a decent school, all of the teachers and staff are extremely nice and friendly and will help with anything. The only problem i have is with the students, they really just don't care and its kind of frustrating but that is probably most high schools.
The school itself isn't very bad. The teachers are friendly (for the most part), the students are relatively polite, and there's a wide range of extracurricular activities. However, administration takes the wrong approach on many issues within the school. This has led to general mistrust between both parties, which prevents us from going forward. If administration looked from both points of view when making a decision, the atmosphere of the school would be a lot fresher.
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The teacher and some of the administration aren't involved and don't care about the students. There aren't many programs that kids actually would join. They do not get you ready for college or the real world and lead you on the right path for the career you want to chase.
I liked the connections that you can make with the staff and the students. I enjoyed the clubs offered. Some changes that can be made is more school spirit and getting new teachers instead of having substitutes for the rest of the year. Other than that, I am glad to be graduating next year from ICHS!!
I am currently a Freshman, I have enjoyed being part of the Gator family. the teachers are very pleasant. My guidance counselor is super helpful and easy to reach when needed.
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