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My daughter is a graduate of Island Christian School. Our family always felt that is was safe and that she was receiving a great education. Class sizes were perfect for individual attention. She is now attending a university and doing very well. We are grateful for the staff that showed our daughter love and support over the years.
Great school and good education the teachers know what they are talking about and make sure you understand the subject that is being taught
It is a Christian education I am very thankful for having. The teachers have helped me grow as a person and in my faith.
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The reason I love Island Christian is because you can see the effort and care the teachers put into their students. I know that if I am ever struggling, I can go to my teacher and they would do everything in their power to help me understand the subject materials. The school becomes a family; everyone gets along and we all blend together cohesively to create an amazing learning environment.
This is truly a family and a very tight community at this school. All the faculty and staff know the students by name and everyone is so involved with school and after school activities. The athletic program is thriving, getting larger and more competitive each year. The students get so many extras that a public school cannot offer. This is a wonderful environment for students to learn and excel.
communication with the parents is great. teachers are very caring
They offer school scholarships. You can also apply for the step-up scholarships. It is not diffcult to get in.
I will always recomend this school. My youngest daughter, and two gradsons attend this school. My daughter is straight A's since K-5 and is now a senior. My grandson move from public school in the 4th grade. He has improved his grades and is taken care of very well because he is type 1 diabetic.
Our school is very safe.
Parent involvement is good. Guidance counselor works very hard on college prep and scholarships.
Most all students are involved in at least one club. Many are in several clubs. All students participate in community sevice not just the required amount. They have all the major clubs Key Club, Interact, Art clubs, Dive club, Honor Society, INC, Chess Club, Spanish Club.
The staff is very helpful. They know all the students. They help when ever possible. They are very caring.
There's a lot of diversity, and it's fun to learn from other cultures and points of view that will prepare you for the business world in the future. Learn to respect and understand others opinions.
ICS was a great school, but I love FGCU even more!
There's a big variety of foods on campus, not to mention the Gulf Town Center that is just around the corner and has many other food places as well.
Love community service, brings people together creating last longing friendships!
This campus is so clean, so beautiful, and eco-friendly. If you get involved in different organizations, you will meet great people; along the same lines, there's a bunch of resources to help you like math tutoring, writing center, CAPS, etc. Definitely, having the time of my life! I would strongly suggest anyone to join this beautiful university!
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I really like FGCU everyone is really nice and respectful, staff will try to help you any way they can in order to make your experience here better.
When asked of their purpose of working, the ICS teachers would automatically respond that it's for their love "for the kids". However, their actions, for the most part, do not show this. Teachers are irritable and counting down the days until the end of school perhaps even more eagerly then the students themselves. Most have been at the school for over twenty years, which helps add to their aggressiveness. Academically, they are well qualified; they're somewhat-passionate about their subjects. Overall, their instruction is adequate.
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