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I used to go to this school. It is a private school located in Irving, TX, approximately 10 minutes from the airport. It is a very nice, rigorous school.
The coursework is challenging and requires thinking outside the box. The teachers are helpful with anything you need, like help with homework or life issues. Everyone is there to help the student succeed.
This school has a reputation for grandstanding and exaggerating its own reputation for the sake of pulling in more students. As a private school, it must inflate its own ego in order to support itself, which makes it destined for destruction. The school would be much better if it weren't for the convoluted processes of bureaucracy and apathy that control it. The majority of the teacher lack empathy towards the students, and the fellow students prioritize competition and popularity over getting along with one another. As such, there is no school spirit at all. As for resources and and extracurricular options, it may as well be a desert. You may have a relatively well experience in this school if you're lucky enough to make connections with the right people on your first day, but, objectively, the school has basically nothing to offer. As a whole, the culture is one of toxic showboating.
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I have been a student at this school since I was in elementary. I really like how everyone is so close-knit with each other. There is a good bond between the teachers and students.
The school is very welcoming. Academically, it is challenging, however, the teachers will always be there to help as well as the fellow students. The school is in the process of improvement and so will be open to new ideas. One thing I would change is the policy of classes students are allowed to take. Some students wanted to take a certain subject as a dual credit class but were not allowed to because it was already available at the school. This policy should change especially for the senior class since its their last year and they won't be able to get any more dual credits on their transcript.
ISI being a small private school, there were some upsides and downsides to the overall school experience. I personally enjoyed my experience more due to the people than anything else. Most of our teachers were spectacular. I was enrolled in dual credit and AP classes and our students as a whole did very well in academics. However, we lack in sports and clubs.
The school is academically excellent. It offers dual credit and AP classes. The teachers are amazing, nice, and helpful to all students. The atmosphere of the school is amazing, everyone feels like they belong even though there is great diversity in races.
I've been in this school for 13 years. I really love how they treat you like a family even if you're a new member of the school. The students and faculty members are very friendly and wonderful. Most of the teachers are very helpful and their only goal is to get you to pass with a very high score and also to understand the lesson.
Some are good, most suck.
Very fer facilities and resources.
Things happen lowkey in the school.
Terrible administration; the school is trash.
They do give a certain amount of financial aid.
Many teachers about 90% are very friendly, understanding, helpful, knowledgeable and engaging. They set high standards and help the kids reach them. They are a few, as in every school, that are very high demanding and expecting from students, yet are still knowledgeable and engaging, and when approached after school by sincere students, VERY kind and helpful.

There consistency varies, usually within a week the online grading system is updated but sometimes, if its a very busy week at school then it can be pushed to two weeks. A few teachers (can think of about 3 from 40) get a bit behind (3 weeks or so) in their grading and organization skills but are still excellent teachers in the teaching/explaining department.

Their teaching styles vary but most are a balance of hands on, explanation on board, and interesting videos that explain the concept.

Communication skills are generally excellent. Teachers stay in close touch with parents if requested (daily sent-home messages in younger grades, weekly in older ones) Some older grade teachers have to be requested as they have expect students to handle themselves and only message if needed-not weekly)

(Basically, in this school students are expected to show a LOT of responsibility, respect, and honesty. They are helped through this process if they show obvious need or request, otherwise no. Requests are never abandoned but they need to usually go and ask themselves)
They are limited on space and a new building is being contructed whihc will more double the size to accommodate eevrything. Currently the library/study hall, science lab, computer lab, english lounge, math lab, and geography lounge are kind of cramped depending on how large the grade or section currently using it is. Bags have to be placed outside do kids can freely move between tables and desks.

There is a lot of parent involvement involved since many active parents run many programs and classes afterschool such as quran, tafseer, seerah, spelling, maps and graphs, calculator applications, poetry, dictionary/thesaurus skills, vocabulary, biology/physics/chemistry, and non academic programs as well.

If the child is not yet at the level to complete their homework on their own or effectively manage their time (not procrastinate etc) then parent involvement is needed for the child to fully succeed. The school expects children to be on top of their work and not have missing assignments, bad study habits and time management skills, or late assignments. Teachers are more than willing to help if approached by the student and aid those they see struggling in either grasping the concept or otherwise.

If parents can not help, guidance counselors do through and intervention type program which teaches children step by step how to manage their resource and time and how to get things done. This is an absolute must for older grades at this school.
The school is always stressing health, safety, and personal care with mandatory health and well being classes for all grades, constant fire, tornado, and earthquake drills, health and safety discussions in assembly, inviting prominent community members to speak on these topics and show videos etc. They have a security guard (sometimes two) on constant duty due to being a prominent Islamic school in the post 9/11 era and also after Ohio school shootings . and although nothing has ever occurred alumdulillah (praise be to god) , as they teach the children, it is much better to be safe than sorry.
The administration could use some organization and time management classes as the school continues to expand and work increases. The newly elected superintendent is very, very involved within the school. He holds continues teacher meetings, parent lunches, and student circles to continuously review new rules, ask for feedback and accommodate individual needs.

The office staff and many other staff members are very polite and friendly. They do run behind on schedules and meetings form time to time due to the amount of work. In the past some important deadlines have been rushed but they decreased after more staff was hired this year.

The policies are excellent. There is strictness against any and all types of bullying, disrespect, and inequality. Students are taught to appreciate others uniqueness and talents as well as work together as a community. Application of knowledge, leadership and other charterers are stressed repeatedly through a character building program installed in the school which is run by two guidance counselors. They also run monthly themes and activities for all grades to engage students and imprint life lessons within them.

There is a strict uniform but some variation is allowed. Failure to comply with uniform after a certain number of warnings results in lunch detention for the student.

Attendance is also carefully monitored by the front office. Ever morning assembly, homeroom teachers mark attendance and an excessive amount of unexcused absences or tardies are punished through a lunch detention.

Any form of bad behaviors or foul language is also punished through lunch detention. Lunch detentions and do not become a part of the child's permanent record but parents are informed and students deprived of privileges.
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They have very nicely structured and organized sports clubs but should put some more effort in other hands on clubs. They do have arts, writing, debate, and a few other but a larger variety would be nice.

Sports club are present year round and very engaging. Multiple practices and team events occur. Separate boys and girl teams. Sports include- basketball, soccer, track and filed, tennis, volleyball, and badminton.

They also have leadership clubs like student council and absolutely amazing community service clubs that truly engage children and teach them how to APPLY what they learn in school
The admission committee needs to decide which method of testing they should use and stick to it. Some students (who entered in summer) had to take an advanced above grade level timed online test while those who entered int he middle of thee year had an on level, longer timed, paper test.
All teachers are devoted, experienced, and very very qualified
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