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I like the environment it creates for it's students. To be surrounded by people who hold the same beliefs as you is amazing and allows for countless opportunities to grow. However, I wish that the school would provide more interest in the students and the needs of students and teachers alike.
I did not at all enjoy my time here, and the only benefit was how much I enjoy college simply because it's not IFS.
I had a wonderful time. People are friendly and fun. I love the academics and the sports. Teachers want to see you succeed.
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Islamic Foundation instills good moral character, and has outstanding academic standards. The small school and close community accepts all and everyone os treated like family. This is almost always a good thing, one of the only drawbacks would be the unprofessionalism you can see on occasion amongst faculty; whether that be through petty, immature, or unreasonable uses of authority.
I liked that there was a lot of good teachers and well educated people working their to teach me. But the administration was horrible and never approachable and their wasn’t a lot of after school activity’s.
One thing I like about Islamic Foundation School is that the teachers care about you and help you be the best not only in academics but in life. I love how small the classes are and you get to know more about other cultures. IFS helps other people, such as orphans and refugees. They have high expectation of their students.
Going to Islamic Foundation was the best experience of my life. Since you are with the same students pre-k untill 12th grade, you build a bond that is stronger than the bond most people have with their families. Unlike most schools, Islamic Foundation has a mosque attached to it. After school kids are able to hang out in the mosque while they wait for after school activities. Having this space available to the students makes the school feel like home. As far as education goes, IFS has regulars, honors, and ap classes; its a perfect fit for everyone. The only disclaimer i have is like other private schools, IFS doesn't accommodate well to students who have disabilities. To perfect the school, in the future the school should progress so that handicapped students are able to attend and be assisted.
In this school, there is no bullying at all, everyone is friends with each other, the school always considers our personal safety by appointing a Security Guard in the School, nobody can get into the school at any door without any school ID if a person does not have an ID they come through the Main Office Entrance, the school nurse does a great job she takes good care of the students who need medical help.
The clubs at this school are very helpful for increasing our knowledge in many fields, the clubs make our college applications look better so we can get into many different programs in colleges/universities. In these clubs we sometimes meet on weekends and we work with each other to achieve our goals. Our World Youth of Science and Engineering Club (WYSE) is a club where we practice science and math skills and compete with other schools, Robotics is a club where we work with each other to build a robot, and Model UN is the club where certain groups of people are assigned a country in the world and represent them in conferences.
My overall experience of the school since 6th grade is great I love how every time at the end of the year we have a field trip to celebrate a successful year. We would go to Six Flags or Paintballing and it's made so many memories and to help us achieve our community service hours the school commenced a Service Day where we go to certain places and earn our volunteering hours.
I've went to Islamic Foundation School of Villa Park, Illinois for 7 years now. It's a great school honestly, it is literally like a second home to me. Since I'm graduating this year I am really going to miss Islamic Foundation. The teachers are the best, they are so knowledgeable, all students and teachers have a great relationship.
My overall experience was pretty good, it went beyond my expectations. I would recommend it to family and friends. The teachers cared a lot about their students which I loved, they were always there when you needed help or advice!!
A wide range of inspirational people
The new nurse definitely knows what she's doing.
Debate, NHS, Student Council, WYSE, ICTM, UNICEF
Excellent AP courses and a good variety of honors
There are different types of lunches offered every day of the week. They are average priced.
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There are many classes offered at this school. The teachers for these classes do an amzing job at teaching their designated subjects.
The teachers are very good at this school. They do whatever they can do in order to help the students.
There are many sports offered t this school. They include soccer, basketball and volleyball. There is a lot of fan support for these athletic teams.
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