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I love the freedom to push myself. Although it takes a lot of self-discipline, having the ability to due your classes at your own pace is very helpful.
Amazing school, but I actually attend the hickory creek campus. The campus I attend will be shut down and become a classical academy. I love my teachers and admin. There was not an option for this school because it is closing.
The teachers there were amazing and were always willing to work with me extra if i wasn't understanding something.
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Pretty Good school my daughter started off going to schools in dallas and they did not teach her anything they have helped my daughter tremendously and they have pushed her so much to be great i would recommend this school!!!! i like how you can get collage credits for your kid starting in 9th grade WOW!!!!
iSchool High STEM will always have a very special place in my heart. They helped me tremendously and truly gave me an amazing overall high school experience. The small amount of students allows for one on one attention and help from the faculty and insures that every student succeeds. iSchool high STEM academy helped me to succeed and I will always be extremely grateful.
iSchool is a great STEM school . During my attendance, I have learned so many important skills while being introduced to many STEM fields and information.
I would highly recommend this school. I have gone here for 1 and a half years now, and it was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. The teachers are great. They're knowledgeable, kind, interesting, and diverse, and care a lot about the students and how well they do. iSchool is like a family. I have made so many great friends here. Unlike most high schools, bullying and fights are unheard of here. The students respect each other and are all friendly even if they don't normally talk. It's the perfect size, it's not too big that there's too many people I don't know, but there's enough that I'm still making new friends after a year and a half here. The project based learning and engineering classes have expanded my knowledge and confidence so much. The rules and dress code are fair but not too lenient. This all sounds like I'm exaggerating, but I'm honestly not. It's just a really great school. You won't regret coming here, I promise.
iSchool offers a unique STEM focused experience unlike many larger public high schools. It has a small environment which benefits many students and allows them to harbor passions and excel academically with the support of their teachers. The administrations struggles with lack of proper experience with students in a proper high school environment. Overall, iSchool is an excellent alternative to the traditional large public high school.
I love the small class sizes, the focus on STEM, the community business partners, the technology available, and the real world application skills.
In general, the education is way below the standards I would have expected from a school like this. It's about 1/3 students who care and try, 1/3 athletes who go to the school for easier hours, and 1/3 burnouts.
Since it's such a small school, many kids know the administrators and staff. So, if they get in trouble, there are generally very few repercussions.
As at every school, teachers vary wildly. My best teacher at the school always has work for the students to do, and the students are always engaged in the lesson. My worst teacher usually has nothing for students to do. She gives us a week to work on a project that should take 30 minutes maximum to do. So there's a wide variety of teachers.
Clubs at iSchool have a required time period. Everyone who attends the school is put in a single club, and you spend an hour at that club a week whether you want to or not. I dislike being required to join a club.
The administration communicates the policies clearly and are quick to address situations that need addressing. They treat students fairly and communicate with parents well.
ischool High University Park, Houston, Texas is a self paced learning environment. Students progress as fast or as slow as they need to with in certain boundaries. Teachers are available to help with any subject a student is having difficulty. Students are also enrolled in the college campus where they take college/dual credit courses. Teachers are very helpful to the students and sincerely want to see them be successful.
The fact that you can accelerate you high school classes as fast as you want and take dual credit classes in the college campus right next to the school makes this school really special.
Students have a unique opportunity of taking their dual credit courses in the college rather than in a traditional high school environment.
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The administration promptly deals with issues as they come up. They are dealt with in a consistent manner.
The teachers are good and very willing to help students. They care about students success and don't put students down.
As a new school, the students have been very involved with developing the types of clubs. There are a variety of clubs and activities available including things like a knitting club, student government, chess club, music club and senior student tutoring and mentoring group.
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