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iSchool High at University Park is a great school that offers the opportunity of acquiring college credit at no cost! Since the school is directly in a community college, all the resources and amenities that Lone Star College has is provided to iSchool students as well.
This school has a very big problem with picking favorite students and treating all of the other students with disrespect. They have STUPID unnecessary lessons where you learn how to "be a better person". The teachers tell you to act like an adult as they gossip about you in front of you and treat you like a four-year-old. Basically, the kids are more mature than adults and the only good thing about the school is free college.
iSchool was good for mature kids who wanted to get ahead, it gave us freedom in going to college classes and gaining credit, and it also did a very good job of preparing us for college in a low-stress environment. In my senior year, these freedoms started being revoked and replaced with pointless mandatory things, such as presentations from colleges I am not interested in attending and Friday lectures on traits such as "bravery" and "character." Also, I am required to do things like send home parent emails every Friday reporting my progress and keep track of every grade from my classes in a spreadsheet. These things are not necessarily bad, just tedious and annoying if I have actual work to attend to. In conclusion, it's a good school and a fantastic opportunity to get ahead; however, due to requirements and regulations, I am regularly treated like a child with the workload of a college student.
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It gives free college credit which is great. However it is really boring. All you do is sit in the same classroom until you can take college courses. I would like it to be more interesting or engaging for new students that are new to the school.
iSchool High offers students the ability to attain an associates degree at no cost to them. This program is truly amazing and has allowed me to not only graduate with an associate of art but also graduate high school a semester early. The staff deeply cares for each student and that makes all the difference. I am very grateful to have had the chance to spend my high school career at iSchool High.
Ischool High at university park is an excellent school for college readiness due to the access to college classes at the Lone star campus. The school has lots of excellent facilities including the new science building, the black box theater, soon the arts building, along with help spots and study rooms. The administration does its best to give everyone help, but some of the staff do become bias towards certain students in positive and negative ways. The school also has a hard time keeping teachers for more than a year and has confusion between groups and grade levels. Overall the school is good.
Over the course of three years, iSchool High has offered me the opportunity to grow and learn. The learning style fits those that work best by teaching others and working with others, as well as those who work best independently. I would like to see more encouragment of students teaching and helping other students, but overall it is an amazing school worth all the effort.
My experience at iSchool has been a wonderful experience. Teachers are always willing to help the students through any form of communication. That allows us to be more engaged in school and it makes learning easier.
What I like about iSchool is the way the structure is set up. It's not like a regular high school. Classes are smaller, self-taught, and self-paced. They structure it like college so we can be college-ready.
What I would like to see change in iSchool would be the ability to participate in sports or recreational activities and to have more options of food available for us.
It is a unique experience attending iSchool High. It is very different from a traditional school as it is located inside of a community college so if tradition is something you're not fond of for whatever personal reason, it is a great place for students to go.

Options for extracurricular activities are virtually endless. The combined clubs from both the college and high school allow students to explore their interests.

Academics aren't limited to dual credit as a few students and I self-studied AP tests. The design of the high school courses allows students to complete high school courses earlier and begin the following semester/year in college courses. This design also permits students to graduate early if they desire to.

While it is a small school (300-400), communication is also possible with the college student opening up the door even more for social interaction. Even within the campus walls of the high school, the student body is as diverse as it gets.
iSchool High is a perfect school for anyone who wants to get ahead of the game academically. I expressly love how the school gives the opportunity for high school students to experience college-level classes and while at it allow the student to gain valuable experience that will prepare them if they choose to continue their education. The iSchool High has a unique system where is self-paced; meaning that you progress through the curriculum whenever you want. But even though the system is excellent academically wise, but when looking extracurricular activities, this school is lacking in that area. Overall iSchool High is the perfect school for those who are looking to get ahead of the game.
I have had a great experience at Ischool High, but the only thing that I will love to see a change on is that if they could create a football team.
A desirable factor of iSchool High is how easy it is to take college classes. All college classes are free and the process to gain your high school diploma along with your associates degree is simple. The non dual credit school work done is all online and there are teachers who are there to genuinely help you complete your education. The only aspect I feel is not a strong suit would be is how small the school is. This can allow for things to not be as professional because we are not in a public school setting.
I liked that at Ischool High the school paid for some community college classes, but I would like to see some of the rules of the school be changed to fit all the students.
The school is very good if you know what you want at an early age. If you are able to take advantage and start early, you'll be able to graduate with an associate's degree or close to it and it's all paid for. Some of the teachers are a bit tedious and are offended over little acts of rebellion, but not all are bad.
Pros: Dual credit in Lone Star college classes. Self-paced and student-oriented. a Few stand-out teachers. All coursework and materials online.
Cons: No direct teaching (if that is what you need). Administration changes rules nearly weekly and students are faulted for not keeping up. Punishes independent learners. No sports and few clubs. Coddles students.
I have had a pretty great experience. However, it is only good if you are in all college classes. The high school curriculum teaches loads of information in one book, but once you proceed to the next unit, you are no longer able to look back on that unit or view it, so you lose knowledge.
Everything is great! There are endless opportunities and many people to meet. I am a current student (2017) and I have become an officer for one of the college clubs. It ha a great atmosphere and everyone helps each other.
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ISchoolHigh at University Park has been a great experience for both my children. It has allowed them to progress at their own pace and get personalized help when needed. They have also benefited from the opportunity to take college classes. In fact, my oldest will be graduating from high school with his associates degree.
loved the advancement opportunities hated the lack of club funding, sports, and administrative effeciency
The chance to take dual credit courses was great. I enjoyed being able to work at my own pace although we did have a slvertain amount of time to compete our booklets, it was still enough time to complete them.
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