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Ischool high is a great college high school. If you are a kid that likes to get ahead and be able to learn on your own time, then it is a good school for you.
iSchool is an early college highschool. They focus on college readiness and allow students to get a head-start through dual-credit opportunities at lonestar. The staff is phenomenal but at times, the learning seemed a little underachieved with their books.
Amazing opportunity since you are able to take college classes at high school. Able to participate in college activities as well. Will graduate with an associates degree when i get my high school diploma
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Overall my experience at iSchool High at the Woodlands has been good. The school allows its students to take college classes and even receive their associate's degree before graduating high school. Because it is self-paced, it is a lot less stressful than regular public schools in this area; however, this can also be an issue. It can be very difficult for a student to stay on track in school work if they are not self-motivated.
Its a very competitive school. I would like to see a better change in the school in training students to become better in their academics, don't get me wrong its a good school, but I would like to see a greater push.
This is a very good school when it comes to getting prepared for college and for receiving early college credit.
I came to Ischool from the sister school Woodlands Classical Academy . I have enjoyed the opportunity to take college classes and take college / dual credit classes.
I really like Ischool High, it is challenging but it is worth it. The school is free and you can get free college classes as well. The staff and students are kind and you don't have to worry about a thing, except your work of course.
I like the set up of early college classes and also high school online classes that are led by yourself. However, the oral defenses are always full which leads to slower progress in your units than possible. Also, there are no extracurriculars.
I really enjoy the atmosphere of this school. The teachers are overall really helpful and willing to work with you. I came into the school with very little previous knowledge and have ended up loving the unique program. The fact that I am able to receive an Associate's Degree for free is just an added bonus. There are many clubs that we are able to join. Unfortunately there are no sports which leads to a low level of school spirit. Overall this is a great school for academics and meeting new people.
In today's society, education plays a very important role for many reasons. When going to school you should feel that your education is in the best hands. Being at iSchool High, I am proud to say that I am apart of a school that leaves me assured that my education is cared for. Growing up, I was constantly moving around schools and never have I felt that my education is more safe than iSchool High. The ability to work on an independent basis is what drives me to achieve deadlines faster, and is what makes me feel determined knowing that I am the one who builds my success path.
Currently have a Sophomore and a Senior at iSchool. They both have different learning styles and have been successful in the program. They are taking college classes as high school students and I have no doubt they will be prepared to attend college after graduation.
I am a senior at Ischool and have been a student since my freshman year. I like the program very much and how individual it is. I like the free college education you can get and the amount of help and resources. On the other hand, I don't favor the administration. They can be unorganized and at times rude. I wish to see a change in the areas of how the counsel students ( which is little to none) and how they treat students unfairly ( special treatment happens a lot). Overall I would probably not have gone if I'd have none how I would end up, but I don't regret the experience. You do give up a normal experience because there are no sports or clubs other than NHS and DECA, so I would make sure it is worth the sacrifice.
I enjoy that freedom of this school. Walking around campus and getting to each lunch on campus. Learning at your individual pace and the allowance of individualized teachee help. Only thing I would consider is sports. Although this is an academic based school, working out or playing sports with the school every now and than would be nice.
I love iSchool High. When I was a freshman, I remember there were less than 100 students in our entire school. Going from a public school to a charter school was something I had to learn to get used to but I truly love my high school and have made some pretty great friends. The only downfall is that there are no extra curricular activities except for clubs. There are no sports or fine arts/sports classes, our entire curriculum is based out of knowledge units, which are books consisting of anywhere from 30-90 pages.
iSchool High at Montgomery/TheWoodlands is a public school in Texas open to all students in the Houston area. I recommend this educational institution to any students entering the high school phase of their education, because not only does iSchool offer tremendous academic and financial benefits, but also grants students the opportunity to become acclimated to the college environment (while simultaneously completing high school credits, of course). iSchool High's partnership with the Lone Star College system grants students the chance to earn up to two years worth of college credit before high school graduation.
This school is great for kids who want to get ahead in college or earn their AA degree. Though this school does not have sports it's still a great school to go to, and has many resources on colleges.
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Honestly, this school sounds good on paper, but in practice it's a mess. The school is so disorganized and the PTO barely does anything. I'm all about academics, trust me, but I still want to experience high school. ischool doesn't prepare me for university nor does it create a friendly enviroment. I like how you can get ahead in your grade, but this school didn't tell me I was so behind in my electives! I may be a senior by the core classes I take, but by my electives I'm still a sophmore.
iSchool High was a great school for college readiness but it didn't feel like it was a high school till my senior year. I'm glad I went and I was able to meet my goals.
Wish there were more things to do outside of school.
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