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Isbell Elementary School Reviews

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Since 2014 Isebell Elementry showed great progress and then in 2017 the principal moved and took the good teachers along with her. Now the new teachers lack in teaching experience and hard work. We are very disappointed with the current standards or lack of. If you are looking for this school I would not consider isebell.
The teachers truly love their students. We love Isbell. Our daughter loves it as well. Great neighborhood school.
The only after school activities are from outside sources. Teachers try to do outside activities, but they're a failure.
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It's average. I think the school could do a lot more to get the students moving.
The school has an enormous amount of widows. The majority of the doors to the outside are single entry points.

In severe weather, some students are told to sit in hallways where there is direct access to glass that could be flying around. Even interior classrooms have windows.
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