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I loved the atmosphere of the school and enjoyed the many different clubs and activities that were offered during and after shool hours. The only thing I would change would be the school lunches. They could be better.
Isabella High School is a great school. The teachers here are always willing to help you if you are struggling academically or personally. It is a very safe please, I have never once felt unsafe while attending here. I strongly believe that the administration does everything they can to get you college ready.
I love how the teachers are always there to lend you a hand whenever you stumble in their classes or with any other problems you may have. The school itself is a great place to be for academics and sports. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Go Mustangs!
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I attended Isabella from K-12th grade. I am so lucky to have attended a small school where you know everyone. That's one of the benefits of a small school. Not sure what if I would change anything about this awesome school!!! It's a Great Day to be a MUSTANG!!!!!!
The school was really great when it came to making sure everyone was safe and little things like that.
Im not real sure about the after school activities because I never had anything to do with them.
My overall experience for this school would not be the best.
Only some of the teachers really take the time to stop and help the students but most of them really don't. I disagree with that because the teachers should always wont to help the students no matter what the concern is.
My school is great. I love it. Everyone gets along. People don't bully you. You can make friends easily.
It is an older school and could use a lot of work. We didn't always have the best resources as far as available computers or books, but we made it work. It was also K-12 which made you feel like you weren't in high school. Teachers were very helpful though.
Isabella was a good school and had a good environment for students. Of course, it was not perfect. You still had the peer pressure and the challenges but to be honest, you will find that at every school.
I didn't really eat the food, unless I was starving. It was wheat bread everything and I'm just not a big fan of that. It was eatable, but wasn't food to eat unless you was starving.
I like my school, but its not where I've always grown up. I have moved many times and they have always been to big schools. My school now is very small, and everyone knows everyone, which makes me feel left out because I haven't been here since I was young. They are very welcoming though which helps me out.
The teachers at Isabella are good for the most part. A lot of the teachers and principles have been apart of the Isabella Community for a long time. My school consists of about 750 students, K-12 so with a small school everyone knows everyone. No student is afraid to ask questions and the teachers always have the right answers. The teachers stick to the rules, which keep the students under control. My school doesn't have many students that can afford to be apart of everything they try to do, as in field trips, but they are very good at helping each student to making it able for them to go so they can afford it, so they can have the experience the other students can have. It's a good environment to be around and to be apart of.
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