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Isaac M. Bear High School Reviews

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This school is a hard school that gets you ready for college and life but also comes with some limits from a regular high school.
As a senior at Isaac Bear, I feel overwhelmingly positive about the growth we have made since the beginning of our freshman year! Through the loss of staff and daily struggles against building restrictions we have all learned to be better people regardless of our academic success. We Bearhawks are like family and thanks to our small cohort sizes we have learned more than most about what is important to a community as a whole. Our teachers pushed us to do our best. While that makes some of our college classes boringly unchallenging, we like to take this habit and apply it everywhere we go. We are inspired by each other and that is saying something, because every student at Isaac Bear is incredibly invaluable to their friends, family, and community.
Isaac Bear is an Early College High School that reduces four years of traditional high school into two challenging, chaotic and stressful years. Freshman year is dipping your toe in water. Sophomore year is being thrown into the middle of the ocean not knowing how to swim yet being expected to know how to. The teachers there are very knowledgeable but, are extremely concerned about their own classwork.
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The building is very small but the teachers work with it. They have amazing staff that are always willing to help.
It's a very helpful and overall worth-while experience. Academically, you're surrounded by teachers who recognize when and where you're struggling and are able to help you. Not a fan of a specific class? Well, in my experience, a teacher will still help you make it through, all the while directing you to another subject that you'll actually enjoy.

Socially, it's great. You have a collection of similar yet unique people. I've met some really great personalities here, from introverts to the bombastic, you're not alone unless you really want to be.

In summary, IBECHS is place that provides you all the tools you need to succeed. If you can try, you can do it.
My experience at Isaac Bear prepared me greatly for college. It's a lot of work and you will have little time for extra curricular if you are bad at managing time.
During my experience at Isaac M. Bear High school, I came to the conclusion that I did not like any aspect of the school. If I had the chance, I think I would go back in time and not apply to IBEC. I say this because IBEC has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for me. If I had not gone to this school, I doubt any of my mental disorders would be at the extreme that they are today. Over the past four years I have not enjoyed a single time at my highschool nor can i remember what we learned in the first two years in highschool because everything was so fast paced.
Isaac Bear Early College is an amazing opportunity that I got to be apart of; it prepared me for college and gave me the opportunity to start college early.
This is a great school because not only do you get to take classes over on the University of North Carolina Wilmington, but you form a close nit group of peers who help you out in more ways than you can count. There are a variety of different interests but everyone is able to come together and form close relationships that will last a lifetime.
Isaac Bear is a great school to go to if you want to be prepared to college. However, because a lot of money is allotted to paying tuition for the college classes junior and seniors take, the building that the freshmen and sophomores are in leaved much to be desired in terms of space. Overall, however, it was a life changing experience that I would recommend to anyone who wants to be academically challenged and get ahead.
I like the tough teachers, though average students may not, but you will appreciate them when it comes to the college courses. I would like to see the principal become more involved and interactive with the students.
Isaac Bear Early College is only what you make of it. If your goal is to get ahead and finish as many college courses as you can you'll be fine, however, if you just want to "sample" college you'll lack the motivation to continue and will not do as well.
Isaac Bear is an excellent school with advanced academics for students. They offer clubs and activities and college readiness. The class sizes are small and the teachers and administrators get to know the students very well.
I had a really wonderful experience at Isaac Bear. All of my teachers were very involved and cared deeply about my success, they still care about my success now. I have made a lot of friends as well and I like the fact that I know everyone I am graduating with personally. Having such a small school communoty was really nice because it was so conducive to making friends. Not only that but the teachers were always available to help me. Our administrative staff are amazing and they do so much for the students, it really blows my mind. I think that over time the facilities will improve but right now they are not great and we have a great cafeteria and wonderful cafeteria staff but the food is not the best. Isaac Bear has been a second home to me for the past four years and while I am excited for what is to come I will miss this school deeply.
It is a good school, but there is so much homework in 10th grade. You do not get much sleep. I think less homework would be better for students.
This school is perfect for the kind of student who wants to have a better future fro themselves and be have college readiness when you graduate high school. I would like to see the school improve in expansion of the campus itself and student size.
There's not much security, but we're also not a school that really needs it. It's very small and when there's a new person in the building, everyone will know.
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The clubs are all academically based, and don't offer a lot of opportunity for kids who aren't into math/science. It's also problematic that you are required to join a club, and the options are all very similar and don't support a variety of interests.
I feel like the school is too competitive, and if it was up to me I would have gone to a normal high school.
The teachers are okay, however I think they need to revamp the staff.
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