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I.S. 98 - Bay Academy Reviews

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Bay Academy is a great school. The homework amount depends on what teacher you get. Most teachers are nice and caring, but some could care less about you and teach as little as possible. All the administrators (principals, APs, deans, etc) care about every single student. Student counselors make sure that everyone is okay and well. They are always there when you need to talk to them. if you join after-school, there are many different activities for students. Overall, i would recommend Bay Academy to all 5th graders.
Bay Academy is overall an a-ok school. There are some amazing teachers and some teachers that are rather questionable. Teachers who are actively teaching tend to pay attention to their students. Personally I myself have had my teacher sent me down to a guidance counselor because of this depression-esque drawing I made. And that teacher was rather sharp. However there are some teachers that are rather disinterested in their job... There are some teachers who let their emotions get to them rather then staying professional. Besides that, they do have a m a z i n g science and math teachers.
The environment was safe and enjoyable.. The school was filled with talented students which made education more enjoyable. The teachers were kind and caring who valued education greatly.
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Bay Academy is a wonderful school for youngsters. It instills core values to students while preparing them for high school. Quality academics, safe environment, and its resources make Bay Academy an overall great middle school.
I liked how there were majors and conncentrations. I was a voice major and I learned so much. I.S 98 is a place where studens find their passion early on in life. Middle school should be accessible to every child. I loved middle school.
some teachers dont care at all
I wish I could go back one thing i miss is my art teacher since i was a art student i was very in tune to the setting of the school the spacious hallways huge windows in classroom some hallways and bathrooms even. Not to mention right across the school the water with the boats and swans. Since there was art gallery and an open greenhouse space in the center of the school, you can enter it through the gallery or lunch room. :D
We had a whole assembly on bullying in the auditorium and cyber-bullying and things like Respect for All Week etc the parents and teachers can keep in touch through mail and online resources.
Great blend between students and teachers!! A+
I mean yeah we do great exercises and the fitness gram and play volleyball and other games sometimes but we don't really have official sports team in my knowledge when i was there.
Really an exceptional school students can take the regents before entering highschool.
I mean if someone gets injured in gym they have to apparently stop everything and "fill out paperwork" but those were my teachers it could be different now
We had this one thing where the students would sell Stuffed animals or toys for the an organization and one where we collect canned foods/boxed. Students can participate by helping teachers for service credits an example: Parent Teacher Conference/ helping teacher with grading or helping an art teacher by cleaning brushes. You can earn Service credit to enter the Arista and Archon Programs.
Teachers are there to help you out. If it wasn't for my 7th grade math teacher I would've still been bad in math
Many activities like basketball ,soccer , baseball .m
They provide and care for you and also knows when something is wrong .
They are all their to help you out .
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Always refill on food and if your allergic or can't eat something because of a religion they have a substitute available for you.
The best middle school I would recommend anyone to go to. It help me expose my craft and help me get better also at my craft. After leaving this school I realized the school work and everything they told me about high school is true .
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