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I.S. 73 - The Frank Sansivieri Intermediate School Reviews

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I graduated in 2014 as part of the SP program. I was able to take regents Algebra and Earth Science as well as the Spanish proficiency exam. This helped me progress throughout high school as I was already ahead in credits and allowed me to take more AP classes and college credit classes. The environment of the school can be iffy, many students do not care about academics, I barely remember my teachers or the administration. With that being said, I did enjoy my middle school experience.
I am new to this school. The teachers are very good and kind. They helps us whenever we are confused and curious. They didn't only teach us lessons. Beside,make us better young adults. They Help us to find "who we truly are"? I mean our true passion. There was no worries about because it is free drugs zone. It is a big school. Hope u all the best.
Amazing middle school. The teachers are the best, always willing to lend a hand. After school activities are fun and educational.
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My daughter is much happier here than she was at her elementary school. The quality of education is better here.
When I attended I. S. 73 I passed 2 regents test (Common Core- aligned Algebra I- 89, Earth Science- 95) , I was part of Junior Arista, and I even won $100 by joining an essay competition and winning 3rd place. I have few complaints about my school, but one of the more vivid negative memorizes that i have at this school is that, one day in the winter I accidentally put on my boots instead of my sneakers and my gym teacher flipped out on me embarrassing me in front of 6 classes of girls and lowering my grade drastically. So my mom went to talk to him during parent teacher conference and he was very rude to her. My mom was very upset about this experience but she managed to convince him not to decrease my grade that much. Also we didn't have trips through the year, we only had a senior trip that was extremely pricey. However besides this my school and teachers made sure that I was 100% ready for my regents test. They did an after school program to help students who are taking the regents, and actually this really helped me a lot.
when I had went i do not recall there being any clubs
The school was okay but the teachers and staff were not all that great and made the environment uncomfortable.
I mean there should be more clubs
They are very responsible and care for the school
My teachers are out of this world
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