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I.S. 68 - Isaac Bildersee Reviews

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The teacher are really funny, though the students can be a little......dumb. They can be cruel, loud, annoying and just plain stupid. They act like their at home, some cursing/talk back to the teachers.
Pretty disgusting. Unsanitary lunchroom filled with cacaroaches, bad student who smoke and fight, bullying. It's a constant battle for survival and the worst thing here is they think they've got it all together when they don't.
There is nothing more to say "It is the Best"
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The school is great, the school have an art program and everyone there is friendly. If you new in town and you want to go to school Isaac Buildersee is the one
I think this school is great, and I would want to choose again because of the programs and activities it have.
I would say that teachers are amazing. In my school all of my teachers helped me and other students to learn more.
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