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My son hated everything about the school. Has been 2 yrs since graduating and had just gotten a new principal his 8th grade year.
There were many clubs to be part of. I was in the chorus for all three years and they had two concerts per school year I honestly enjoyed participating in it. I had friends in the concert band, the jazz band, the digital art programs.
They made sure that people wouldn't enter the school without signing in. They had cameras everywhere and checked to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be.
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I would go back to this school, the only thing i would change is how much importance I put into my education. I would take advantage of every single opportunity they gave me and i would work 100 times harder than I did. I would try to reach my full potential.
There are major bus stops located around the school area. The air conditioning worked most of the time and the heat was always on during the cold seasons. They had no problem technology-wise, meaning that teachers tried to use technology as much as possible and the computers available to the students were always working. AT least when I was attending the school they had an entire computer lab filled with the newest computers. They offered tutoring often, there was after school tutoring and there were always those couple of teachers that offered tutoring to student during their lunch breaks or other free periods, some teachers went out of their way to ensure the best possible education for their students.
I can't say I had a bad experience; however, there were many of my classmates that experienced bullying and told members of the staff. The staff heard them out, but didn't take any real action. The teachers, what can I say, just like in every other school, some cared deeply about the students and others just went on with their lives without paying too much attention to the students.
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