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I.S. 30 - Mary White Ovington Reviews

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The school care about the health and well being of every single child. They ensure good health and happiness within every kid. The nurse, teachers, staff make sure every child is safe. The food, equipment, etc are safe for the kids.
Teachers are helpful throughout extracurriculars like chess and track-and-field. They're positive and motivating.
I had good teachers that wanted me to succeed but just like most kids, there were students I wasn't on good terms with.
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Not only do the teachers try their best to ensure success and understanding of the material taught in class to their students, but they make sure students are comfortable and able to work as best they can to achieve the best grades.
Overall it was a great school. They email with all the events, and constantly call if your child is late. My daughter was involved in the track and field team. She loved it! Its was a very small junior high school in an apartment building. They built a new school across the street and made it an elementary/jhs. I would definitely choose this school again because its a small school and my daughter made great friends. The schools is New York City are way over populated which is why I am trying to put her in a small private high school. Our zone has over 5,000 students.

The only concern I had is when a teacher called me to tell me that my daughter had been slacking a little and talking too much in class, she said she had been doing it since December-- it was March when she called me.

My youngest will be attending this school in September.
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