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I.S. 289 - Hudson River Middle School Reviews

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IS 289 was overall an okay experience. If I have to be honest, if I could replay my middle schools years, I would've applied for Lab or Salk instead. The teachers at this school play favorites, and some are racist. The learning pace is really slow and I was only academically challenged by 2 teachers throughout all my years here. Although the school is small, he kids are really cliquey, and it's really hard to make new friends if you aren't open in the first few days of school. Coming to this school was a really big regret, but I came out alright.
in this school all of the teachers are biased, it's like if the teachers like you-you get good grades but if they don't your grade will be awful even if you did well. My GPA was in danger because one of the teachers hated me, for my other classes I got 94 but for her class, it was 80, the teacher hated my personality.
she also was supposed to give me a pass for small group, but she didn't, meaning she didn't do her job properly.( I've gotten this confirmed by the gym teacher who told me she was in the wrong ).
Additionally, there was a project which I got a fail grade for that I didn't deserve (I went to my tutor and asked him to give it to one of the graders, the grade I got back was high)Also, the school barely teaches you anything, one summer at my tutor taught me more then what I learned in three years at the school
plus, they really don't care if a group is ahead, instead of just helping students in a small group, they make the people that understand stay and waste their time.
This school did not prepare my child for H.S. They have great theories of how to prepare kids - but not the staff to support it. There is maybe one good teacher per grade. It may be safe and small, but the academics are lacking. My child's peers ended up getting into their 4th and 5th choices for H.S. - very few got into their first or even second choice.
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If I could do it all over, I certainly would come back to 289. The experience was what made it so great. I was pushed both as a person and a learner to work my hardest and that came with great reward. I learned how to plan out my time, work well with others, and made some friendships that went on after I graduated. This school has a large emphasis on collaboration, which I view as a positive thing. We worked on many group projects and newsprints that taught us to work together, cooperate with one another, and treat our fellow classmates with respect. The friendships and bonds formed between students at 289 have mostly gone beyond middle school, and were very important to me.
I loved most of my teachers at 289. There were a few teachers that chose favorites and that showed in their grading of students. But for the most part, teachers were very knowledgable and worked hard to create engaging lessons. All of the teachers were interested in the topic they taught and cared about their students. The grading process was made simple and easy to understand by handing out rubrics and checklists.
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