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I.S. 281 - Joseph B. Cavallaro Reviews

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It was a decent middle school experience. My favorite class was my media talent class. There I learned how to edit photos and edit videos. I was part of the team that put the video yearbook together. The teachers are good. My 8th grade english teacher helped me study for the state test.
Middle school was the best experience of my life. I’ve meet so many people that I truly care about to this day. The school was rigorous and overall a great environment to be in.
My experience at I.S. 281 was very nice. I made great memories and I wish to go back. Teachers are very helpful and are great at what they do. Honor classes and high school classes such as Algebra are available.
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Very good school and kind teachers who are willing to work with you. The Aministrators are reasonable and love the kids like their own children.
While the school does have a new cafeteria, in my eyes, that might be the only good thing about it.
The school isn't very inclusive. All they do is send out notices, use an app to send text messages to parents and students, and make phone calls home about reminders or behavior.
They also promised air conditioning in more rooms, but there is hardly any change in that situation.
The school does sport an honors program, but accept students with bad behavior in (even if they have good grades), and boot the good students, with good grades and good conduct. It's very unfair to those who want to work hard. The honors program, in my opinion, should be based on how hard a student wants to work. If they want to work hard, even if their grades are average, then they should be given a chance to be in the honors program and see if they show some improvement. Grades aren't everything - conduct should also count.
I'm only in the 6th grade so I can't say much but for they year that I've been their it is awful the students are not friendly the teachers are mean their is one ms.gerber and at times the way she acted was not good she yelled and I'm honestly scared for life if your child can't hold their own in a fist fight don't send them and their is so much bullying I'm going to tell you something so terrible their was more than 3 fights in one day all that I'm going to do is keep my head down hope that I don't get robbed and try my very hardest to get into a specialized high school of my choice
Cavallaro is a great school that offers students with academically/honors students to have the opportunity to take high-school level courses and the regents exam to enhance their knowledge. Although I think it would be better if the school had air conditioners to help the students to be in a comfortable environment in the spring instead of being extremely sweaty and relying on a fan to keep a classroom cool.
There are many after-school activities in this school for students that have different interests to attend.
The staffs are very nice to all students, as an immigrant myself, i have received lot of cares from teachers, staffs.
Through my years of middle school, and made an exemplarily amount of friends. They offered regents classes, and had a great academy program, and talent program. The teachers really made me feel like the cared about me, and overall I wouldn't have chosen any other middle school over Joseph B..Cavallaro
There are many facilities and resources available to the students to help them achieve their best.
The principal and the teachers do all that they can to teach students in a safe environment where they feel respected and comfortable.
They have many extracurricular activities that range from arts to singing and more. All the students like to hang around with each other participating in activities after they finish their assignments.
Students are involved in many activities together and even though there are signs of peer pressure, you're able to ignore it. Everyone is able to communicate with each other well but there are groups separated by race.
The experience at this school was very fun. Not only did I learn a lot of information that I still learn in high school, I met a lot of kind people that are still in my life today.
The school nurse is always willing to help with health problems of the students and the faculty. The security guards are friendly and try their best to protect the school and create a safe environment for the children to learn. The deans and principal make the students aware of bullying and talk about how to prevent it.
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