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I.S. 27 - Anning S. Prall Reviews

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Mmmmm... While it wasn't the best school in the world, it did prepare me with a tougher attitude when I got out the door. Didn't prepare me for high school or college, since many of the classes where easy and most teachers didn't grade harshly. Though a few teachers won't expect anything but your best.
Due to the wide range of subjects at IS 27, there are many different paths students can take for the best experience for them. For example, one student may take theater instead of lego robotics, or technology class instead of art class. The academic classes are challenging in nature, but are easy to schedule into. Overall, the academics are very strong at Anning S. Prall and allow the students attending there to become well-prepared for high school.
There are no security issues at Anning S. Prall. I never felt as if I was in danger in or around the school when I attended.
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IS 27 has extracurriculars that extend from facilitated sports, to a theater program, to an orchestra. The interests of any student attending IS 27 will definitely be found in an after school program.
I believe I would not have had a better middle-school experience anywhere else. IS 27 gave me a wide range of subjects that allowed me to explore what job professions were out there before I was even accepted into high school. The staff and the PTA are highly supportive of their students, which creates a safe, efficient learning environment.
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