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I.S. 237 - Rachel Carson Intermediate School Reviews

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This school does little or nothing about it’s bullying problem I had attended this school around 2006 and around 8-9 grade I was bullied it got so bad that I became depressed because of it. The staff needs to address this issue and fix it instead of Ignoring it!
Overall, it was a good experience in I.S. 237, I had many friends there and all of my teachers were really nice and taught pretty well.
The school was a very active and joyous place. The only problem is the small hallways and shared building with East-West High School.
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The teachers are generally very engaging. The teachers can control the class and is consistent with grading.
The school has fire drill practices and soft lock down drill practices. The security is well and I feel mostly safe throughout the school day.
There are after school programs that provide you with academic help along with snacks. Although there aren't any after school clubs, the school does provides schedules according to one's interest in music, art, and such.
At first I was stuck between whether I should go to jhs189 and is237, although it was last minute decision, I did not regret it and if I could choose this school again I would do it all over again. It was an amazing three years.
Teachers are good and school itself is pretty clean. If you're a good or average student you should be fine. I had an amazing three years and made several good friends
There is only one guidance counselor for every student in the building.
I like how there were artistic names for each sections of the school. The "sp" class was able to take high school regents.
There are no teams in the school but they have a open field/track in the park across the school.
Although, most of the students usually socialize about 18+ topics, there are many intelligent students.
The teachers are friendly and often give engaging lessons.
There are no extracurricular activities or opportunities at this school.
The school has the common safety safety system and the school nurse can help with small injuries such as cuts.
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