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I went here to Middle School. It was great, I never performed better afterwards in any other school. Made it to the Honor Roll in 7th and 8th Grade and got the prep to get into a Specialized high school.
I.S. 145 divides students into five different academies which creates competition within the students themselves. However, it also allows students create a strong community within their academy.
When I went there for 7th grade we didn't have a math teacher and during that scheduled period we would be unsupervised. The school knew and did nothing about it, after we passed our text at the end of the year we were congratulated for passing our math test.
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I was in Law and Humanites and the classes were good. The teachers were friendly and were easy to connect with.
I had a very memorable experience at this middle school because of the academic assistance I received,the teachers offer you morning and afternoon tutoring. There are multiple field trips throughout the year to engage students in what they are learning. However something I think should change is the very strict enforced uniform dress code, students are only allowed to wear all black or all white shoes and maroon sweater are the only allowed if they don't have any logos. I think this is difficult to those families that can't afford to buy new uniforms every year. I also think that having uniforms limit the students freedom of expression. This is a public school but doesn't allow freedom of expression. I once dyed my hair green and was asked by an administrator why I had dyed it. Despite this I had wonderful experience
The school offers many programs that can provide students with special need or are seeking help to improve their grades in school. Parents always want their kids to do better and Staff encourage students to reach their full potential.
The school involves students to respect people and property. Anti-vandalism, discrimination, bullying policies are enforced. Guidance Counselors, Deans, Assistant Principals, Security, Teachers and the Principle are always on the look out for trouble-makers
The school health and safety do their best everyday to provide a safe environment by watching the halls, they unite for trainings and meetings to discuss how to "better" their system and do as best as they can to limit accidents or unlawful activity in the school. They try their best every day.
The school has offered a lot of tutoring, extracurricular activities and it tries it's best to reach out to the community and improve the learning of students who have a difficult time at school. I remember when I was in this school, I loved the sports programs, the teachers were always clear about what was needed to learn from the curriculum and as a student I had the opportunity to go on various trips to expand my learning. We were encouraged to learn about cooking, technology, dancing and much more. It was a great school.
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