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I.S. 141 - The Steinway Reviews

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The enviornment was extremely toxic for younger me. They pushed completion and since I was in the top honors class they put the idea I was better than everyone else. The students who don’t understand everything tend to get pushed to the sides, while the ones who don’t need help get all the opportunities.
I.S. 141 did not have sport/team. My child had gym everyday and they played basketball, or volleyball. Also, they had to write a paper each semester for gym. One term paper was about the Olympics.
I.S. 141 communication skills are outstanding. They send e-mail, make phone calls, send letters and send home notices to make sure all parents are informed.
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The Beacon Program is located in IS141, the best program ever. The program offered sports programs and tutoring for the SHAT and music programs.
This school is unique because it has a A rating and it was a Magnet school. The best experience for my child and I is the Honor Society. A majority of the students was in the society, that speaks volumns.
The school building was very old. No ramps for the handicapped, no lockers and no elevator.
The teachers are outstanding. When the Common Core curriculum was introduced, they made sure that the students had the proper materials to study and they took time out of their busy schedule to learn all of the new curriculum for Common Core.
The school nurse was always on duty and helpful.
I.S. 141 did not tolerate bullying at all, they were very strict with the anti bullying policy.
The students at IS141 were very involved in all cultures by celebrating various holidays.
I.S. 141 is a great school. The teachers went far and above to prepare my child for high school. His math teacher was outstanding! My child received a 96 on his math regents! Furthermore, all of his teachers were fantastic! My child's average every semester was over 95% and he is a honor student.
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