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I.S. 125 - Thomas J. McCann Woodside Reviews

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I was a student here about a couple years ago, and from my experience this school was pretty average. Although there are many students you don't get to know a lot of them because there's just too many, teachers don't even know your name unless you're a "trouble maker". I will however say, that some of the teachers here are pretty cool and understanding. You for sure will make some memories whether they are good or bad. Oh, and the senior trip and prom were great.
the music teacher would be mr.solo he help the student learn how to play their instrument of choice and push them to learn
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the nurse is alway availability and if he or she is not the staff member would make sure you are safe
like every other school there is a diversity of culture, and student trying to fitting in, and pass their classes.
it an great school as a whole the staff member and teacher play an important role in the student academic life and push them to success
the teacher and staff member are always their for the student
the school offer a boy and a girl basketball team, were the team complete each year to make it to the playoff
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