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I.S. 119 - The Glendale Reviews

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The school provides a good curriculum for the students to learn however over recent years the school has become somewhat crowded.
This school makes sure that all students are up to date and even ahead in curriculum. I completed 3 regents credits after graduating
Not much to say about this really. The security guards make visitors sign in always before coming in front
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There was robotics, and the talents programs, but I dont really remember any other extra curriculars
My favorite memory is how many trips we took. Although the school might of been challenging (taking a test to get into it), they sure knew how to make us feel relaxed and calm about everything
This school does its job to challenge you and get ready for high school. Although it's not as diverse, the academics make up for it. The gifted and talented program allows students to choose from Chorus, Band, or theater, which can be influential in deciding a possible high school like Laguardia. In other words, I enjoyed coming into this school and out of all my choices, I'm glad I chose this one.
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