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There is very little bullying here and the school is very diverse. Other than a few rotten eggs, the teachers are great and you can tell that they want to teach. My main complaint is that the schedules are very messed up and makes life more stressful and confusing for parents and students. In 9th grade you get one type on schedule, then in tenth a different type, and finally in 11th you get full block scheduling. I do not know why safety and violence are a C- because the school is pretty safe other than like one fight a year that is more severe. The fights are the underclassmen most of the time. A bad thing is that we do not get sex ed. till 12th grade and a lot of girls get pregnant by 11th. If I could I would rate the school a 3 1/2, but since I do think the school is above average I must say 4.
I loved how approachable the teachers were. It truely was like a big family when you were in a classroom.
My overall experience with Irwin County was phenomenal! The school is in a small town by the name of Ocilla. Irwin teachers make sure that their students are in top shape when it comes to academics. The teachers prepare students for subjects in other grade levels and more. My favorite supporter throughout the school was the principal. Coach Billingsley was the best principal at Irwin County High School. He knew every student's name, and grade and made sure the student was in good shape mentally and spiritually. He cares for the students safety as if we were his own children. Coach B, and every faculty member made sure that students were well rounded and ready for adulthood (college, jobs, etc). The sports and clubs have a great fan base and supporters. Coaches and Band Directors made sure that students were on top on their grades BEFORE getting on any fields or mats whatsoever. Irwin County is a home, and I highly recommend anyone interested in Irwin County High School to attend.
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Irwin County High School is a wonderful small school for students to experience the social and intellect life. The teachers are there to help you because they want to help our students become better a person and eventually matured adults. The academic programs at the high school are beneficial to the student and teachers who make standards in certain subjects hands on and easier to their students. I recommend bringing your child to Irwin County High School.
My experience at Irwin County High School has been great. It is a great school. The teachers and administrative people are very kind and caring. They do everything in they're power to make the students successful.
The Irwin County School system is full of administrators who want to make a difference. The facilities and food are below par, but the academics prepare you really well for college, and MOWR is encouraged at this school.
I love my high school. Everybody knew each other from students to teachers no matter what the age group was. The other class men were great role models and the underclassmen followed and took after.
There is a very obvious division between the ethnicities. It is relatively frowned upon for these group to comingle. This doesn't necessarily cause a problem at the school, although it hinders our cultural awareness.
Due to the smallness of the school, community, and town, the school is located very closely to the police station, so the response time is short in case of emergency. However, there is very rarely a security officer on the campus.
Very few organizations and clubs at this school receive administrative recognition. The most admired groups are specifically the FBLA and FFA. Most other clubs are not praised, even when they preform well in competitions.
I would not attend Irwin County High School again because, as a student focused on academics, I was not often encouraged or recognized in my accomplishments. This school gives more emphasis on athletics and agriculture than it did on STEM curriculums.
There are very few teachers that are hired at this school that actually take adequate time preparing their plans for the year. Most of the teachers have worked there for too long and have therefore started viewing their teaching positions as a habit with a summer vacation instead of being actively and happily involved in the school environment. Many students, especially and specifically the students that are advanced, are given ineffective teachers rather than the appropriate teachers for their intelligence. Those teachers tend to go to the students that don't want to be attending school at all.
Irwin County High School is a very small school. I believe all of the teachers and administrators care about are grades and want each and every one of us to succeed in all that we do.
Within my first month of attending ICHS there was a tornado watch, in which we spent half of the day in the hallway. After that there was a school shooting scare. I did not feel scared because the school had police agencies from every surrounding county guarding the school. With all of this excitement I was a little nervous, but I never felt unsafe. ICHS has been the safest school I have ever attended, even with the scares.
At ICHS there are tons of clubs and organizations to get involved in. Most of our clubs are very well known within the state of Georgia, and also the country. FFA is probably the most popular club. While I am not in FFA I do know they are very well known for their excellence in agriculture. FCCLA is also a very popular and well known club. TSA, a club I am actually a part of, is also a popular club. The diversity in the club is great. We have kids that you would expect to be in the club, meaning the honors class kids, but also people that are mostly ag oriented are in the club. Club experiences at ICHS are the best.
Irwin County High School excels at not only academics, but also sports. In the last two years our football team has made it to the state championship and our girl's tennis team has made it to state and actually won last year. It is exciting to see so many fellow students do well on and off the field. The experiences I have had at Irwin County High School have definitely been the most exciting! If I had to chance to start over I would want to go to ICHS all throughout my primary schooling.
I have been to four different school systems throughout my primary schooling. The teachers at Irwin County High School are by far the most supportive. The teachers care about my education and want me to succeed. I have had the best experience with teachers at this school and appreciate all they do to help my fellow class mates and me.
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Some teachers will help you as long as you help yourself.
ICHS is clean for the most part. It just rains a lot and the floors get dirty.
I played softball as my activity and I loved it.
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