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Irvington campus looks like a prison from the 70s, other than that, a nice environment and a friendly faculty. Needs work on the food.
My experience at Irvington High School was not particularly enjoyable, but I believe this was more due to the fact that high school is a stressful time and I was going through it during a pandemic, not because the school itself was bad. The level of education is really high, and you definitely learn at a private school level in some classes. The teachers vary greatly - some are truly passionate and brilliant (esp. in the arts, history, and classics department) and others don't seem to care about their students and are ill informed in their own curriculum (math and modern languages!). The student culture is very competitive and definitely develops somewhat of an hierarchy around wealth, but is overall welcoming and humorous. Overall, it's not a bad high school choice!
As a student of Irvington High School, I can tell you that my experience there will aide me in being college ready. Compared to other schools, the academics are much more engaging and useful to the students, and you can tell that each teacher actually cares about how each student is retaining the information, rather than only caring about following a curriculum. However, there seems to be a rather scummy division between special ed students and regular students, as all of the special ed students have to take their classes downstairs, and aren't privy to a good deal of the same privileges as regular students (i.e. class trips).
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if you don’t do well within the first marking period then good luck having ANY help for the rest of the year. teachers ignore students who aren’t getting above a B+ average.
Teachers act entitled and frequently address their needs first before the students. Attitude does not show a message of we want the student to succeed but what are the requirements to get this over with. The good teachers keep their heads’ down.....avoid admin. The school is insulated and parents drink the kool-aid to tell themselves all is well. But college freshman say otherwise and feel a sense of big picture missed at Irvington.
Irvington High School has been great academically and in terms of opportunities to volunteer, start and participate in clubs/sports, and focus on education.
Irvington High School is a small school, one with a very rooted background. The teachers care about their students and make themselves available to help them at every turn, which should not be taken for granted. Irvington High School is a community, it is supportive, and provides a great education.
there were many good teachers and no diversity. I wish there were more people who went to the school as it was also very small. However, it was quite academically challenging and offered many honors courses. they also have a lot of electives which is nice.
I started Irvington in 10th grade and the switch h from private to public school was great. The kids have been with each other since kindergarten to they open up to so you make friends easily. The teachers are understanding and work with you to make sure all your work is in.
great variety of classes except for foreign language. should be more languages offered. AP classes are very intense but teachers are helpful and supportive.
While there are a decent number of clubs there could certainly be more (although we're small school). It would be great to have a little more teacher involvement.
Most teachers are great. They are accessible and dedicated. They will often meet outside of regular school hours. Grading is inconsistent but mostly fair across all departments. Some teachers are incredibly passionate and that translates to happy, engaged students.
very safe, bullying is not tolerated. police are always close by.
teachers are caring and helpful. The principal and new assistant principal are superb. They are passionate and supportive and treat everyone with respect. Student body is mostly great kids, very involved and non-judgemental.

Sadly our athletic fields are horrible and are awaiting approval process to begin replacing them.

Foreign language is limited to French and Spanish. It would be great to have more- Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc to be more competitive with some other elite high schools.
There are numerous clubs and they do get support, but they don't get as much student support as they should.
There are wonderful teachers at Irvington, as well as so-so teachers. Some are very enthusiastic and can teach to a range of abilities, but others teach only to the middle. Grading is consistent and fair.
There are numerous anti-bullying campaigns and action is taken quickly.
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Students are a tight-knit group, many having been together since kindergarten. Many teachers have a great relationship with students.
Really it's ok and that's it.
The school community is really small and tight. Had a har time fitting in and making friends as a transfer student.
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