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This high school is a kind of school which gives students like myself multiple chance to interact with other people from around the world, it is amazingly fun experience. The most thing I like about this high school is that, not only does it help student achieve great college and prevent bullying like some other other have, it has excellent sport which are fun to try out. I myself is part of the tennis team, bowling team and the basketball team which makes it feel even more alive than it already is. The high school is a tremendous school and would not like to see any thing change in it, it is best the way it is.
The faculty members are very supportive and aim to see the best in all students. Every student is given equal opportunities.
What I like about Irvington High School is the teachers make themselves available to the students. My daughter is an honor roll student. Due to the help from her teachers, she continues due well in school. My daughter plays basketball and her coaches work hard to work with the team. I like that the coaches stay on her because they know what she is capable of doing. She also sings in three different choruses. It enhances her vocal. I like the different electives the school offers, like art and music classes and many more. My dislike is the condition of the school. The girl's bathroom the bathroom stalls are broken and lack of tissue. The school administrators have no control over student behavior issues. The auditorium is old and lack of work. The air in the school is not stable. The air quality in the gymnasium is terrible.
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Worst experience of my life honestly. I remember one day walking home and being attacked by girls I didn't know.
What I like about Irvington High school is that they have great teachers, they have an army Junior ROTC program that is ranked honor unit with distinction. They also offer a wide range of community related activities. However, Irvington high school is notorious for fights. Students getting beat up severally. the bathrooms is an eyesore, school is dirty and students rarely follows the rules. The school is very low when it comes to academics and only few care about education.
My experience at Irvington high school was amazing. I got the chance to form amazing bonds with not only students, but teachers. Irvington has a club or activity for everybody. I just wish academics were better and I wish they prepared up better for college. All in all, if you really apply yourself, you will learn .
Irvington isn’t the best but it’s not the worst. In fact, Irvington is the kind of school that has a somewhat “bad” reputation but actually is a really good schools. It’s all really based on who the student is. As long as you respect your peers and teachers, they will stand for you and watch out for you. Irvington in a way teaches students how to be better people, which is great because not many high schools teach students life lessons like Irvington, or how to handle certain situations regarding disrespectful students/teachers. It’s the kind of school that you have to experience it yourself to actually understand.
I like the fact that they have good teachers and I would like for them to have more school programs like trips ...
For the past three years I’ve attended this school. The students approve behaviors, a minimum of students still act like children. The teachers are great they are really involved withe students’ academics. I wish to see a lot of stuff improve like the building to the school supplies being upgraded.
I like that irvington high has good teaching staff. I would like to have students more involved in activities that is what i would like to see change
I am at present a Junior at Irvington School. I trust that the school does not carry out their activity with regards to keeping students out of unfortunate situations. I say this because with a specific end goal to keep somebody intrigued and out of trouble, you need to have a class or two that interests them firmly and influences them to want to come to class. Put resources and invest into what these students love to do and I guarantee that there won't be an upset.

Have these students learning how to fix cars, have these students learn how to produce music properly instead of shooting dice in the stairwells.
The school has many offers when it comes to celebrating different cultures and teaching other students about different cultures. Also with the academic learning there are different programs that can help anyone who is in need of it such as tutoring and student-student help.
This school is terrible people be on their phone and posting video in class in social media all through out the school day most importantly the teachers are not doing a good you should stay away from this school.
I would like to see the teachers actually taking time out to ensure that all students understand the assignments. Our school bathrooms are in a horrible state. I would like to see cleaner bathrooms.
There are a lot of great opportunities for all of the aspiring students with dreams and future careers with the help of supporting faculty
This school needs to be more strict. This school lets anybody do whatever they want and that isn't good. I feel like the school is over capacity. Some students come to school and do nothing there. Just send them to night school
Though it has gotten better over the years, Irvington High school has had its instances of lackluster safety, along with having poor looking hallways and classrooms. Compared to other schools, Irvington high has a low academic standards, terrible average test scores and an aweful graduation rate. However the school does have a good amount of clubs and activities, along with a handful of amazingly helpful teachers. All in all Irvington high at the most a competent school.
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I would like to see more investment in academic and extracurricular programs for students. There is a very limited amount of clubs that students can join and even fewer programs for those struggling academically.
While I was nervous about transferring into Irvington High School midway through my sophomore year in high school, it was probably one of the best decisions (my mom) ever made for me. IHS isn't necessarily a pretty school from the outside looking in, but it is home. I acquired many mentors and some of my closest friends in my 2.5 years there, and also other people who may not remember me, but who made lasting impacts on my life. I am not sure that I would have received as much influence to grow in the ways that I did if not for my guidance counselor, administration, teachers, athletic staff and peers through IHS. I am excited for the day when I am able to pour back into my alma mater in the way it deserves.
My experience at Irvington High was okay. The students were not always in their class and they always enter the classrooms late. However, my sister goes there and she brought me some of their cookies and I have to say their food is great. They have numerous of clubs, more then my school and their subjects are basically the same at my school. However, they really have to work on their safety because anyone can just walk inside their school without a problem.
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