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Irvington High school was a great environment that prepared me well for college and an independent life. Throughout the 4 years there, 3 of my years were assigned benchmark projects where we did extensive research, community service, and came up with solutions to issues in local and global perspectives. Not only did these projects teach me how to properly do research and write papers, it also gave me the ability of community outreach, the skill of team cooperation, and the knowledge of proper presentation. There were also a number of teachers who found it incredibly helpful to us students to veer off the main curriculum in order to teach us amazing life lessons. From how to change a tire to when to show up to pick a person up for a date to how to tie a tie, I believe what makes Irvington unique is the teachers who genuinely care for each and every one of the student that pass through their care.
My experience at Irvington High School was decent, while as a whole it could be vastly improved since many of my friends and classmates had worse experiences. Some teachers and staff are wonderful and more cooperative, while others are more difficult to work with and have more challenging assignments. One exception to this is the janitorial staff, who are all friendly and respectful to all students. The academics in general are great, especially how they are geared toward college success, while they can be difficult at times. One major critique are a few key projects that span the entire year that can be difficult. These projects often change in terms of requirements, and are challenging for students in personal and family situations. As far as the environment is concerned, sports aren't taken as serious, there is very little true school spirit, and parent involvement is at a minimum for events and activities that aren't mandatory for their child's academic success.
I have loved getting to be a part of both the CCA and We The People programs. Go out for those if they are up your alley. Other than that, it's a little too cut throat for my taste. But that's just me.
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Irvington High, from a holistic point of view, is a mixed bag. On one hand, there are some teachers that seek to empower students and teach the curriculum, and on the other, there are teachers that simply lack gusto and a drive to teach. I have had both types of teachers, but either way, I am enjoying my time here.
Irvington high school is not quite a bad school, but the facilities is off, they don't take care of the school, the bathroom to be precise, the mald bathroom is really a mess, luckily for me am graduating this year.
It's very good academic and getting ready for college. It also has a decent culture and a good amount of diversity it is also badly known for it's parties and entertainment. If u want to go to Irvington get ready to donate a lot of money. It also known for their not so great techers. They are good but not the best. Irvington High school has a overall good reputation.
Irvington's pretty great. On the whole, teachers are good at their job and care about their students.
I like the diversity that Irvington has. There are many races in our school and there is no discrimination at all. However, the safety can improve as there is a lot of drugs and bad behavior in general. Vaping is becoming an increasing problem, and many fights take place as well.
Your experiences at Irvington is what you make of it. The abundance of resources can help you with college or school or in general.
While I enjoyed my high school experience, there was a high amount of pressure among students to achieve well. Being in the Bay Area, there was a large emphasis on grades and extracurriculars, with the arts being less emphasized (despite being an arts magnet school).
Irvington High School is a very academically competitive school. It requires all grades except 11th graders to complete research/service benchmark projects to graduate. These projects are yearlong and count towards graduation. A lot of time is required to complete these projects, but it does help you to learn how to form a formal research project as well as prepare you for college material. The stress level here at Irvington, however, is pretty high.
There are some aspects of Irvington that are really great: class selection, the arts program, and most teachers. However, Irvington also has a toxic environment where students care more about academics than academic honesty or the well-fare of their peers. Many students place their grades above their mental health; this mindset is greatly influenced by peer pressure and the unhealthy culture of taking courses just to tally up more AP and honors classes. All in all, Irvington is a decent school if you want to get a good education, but be prepared for the stress that may follow.
I like how accepting Irvington is, but the stress is overwhelming. So many of my peers struggle mentally because of the environment. Additionally, although there are many amazing teachers, some are outright dreadful.
I loved my high school career at Irvington High School. I loved all of my teachers because they were so dedicated to growing their students in knowledge, wisdom, and life. The environment of the school was nurturing, warm, and always had resources for the students to turn to for educational and self-care purposes. Whenever I look back at Irvington, I'm always reminded of the good, hardworking people I met and grew up with. When I look at the same people now, I am so proud of Irvington and how this high school prepared my friends, peers, and acquaintances for the great things they're doing today.
The community is great and has a very accepting atmosphere. While there are notorious benchmark projects for each grade level (except for juniors), there is great value in these projects. Irvington is constantly shadowed by Mission, when I think it is so much more. The majority of the teachers are great and care about their students, but it is almost inevitable to encounter that one teacher who's just there for the job.
I enjoyed the fact that the school was so diverse, not just ethnically but also in terms of experience. The system of "families" at our school which ensure that everyone has classes with people who have similar interests means that each persons experience in the school is unique. I disliked the "benchmark projects" they ran every year because they seemed forced. The school is also somewhat big which is good because you meet more people but bad because teachers/counselors dont really know you that well. The academic rigor is also very high which potentially creates stress for a lot of my peers. However, most teachers are knowledgeable and teach well. Due to the general area, parents are also far too involved for my taste in both academoc and social lives.
The teachers at Irvington High school are great at teaching in an interesting way and making sure that you understand everything they tell you. A few things I would like to see an improvement in is for the family system to be easier to get out of and for the food quality to improve.
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The teachers are mostly amazing, and I'm really thankful to go to school in an area with so many opportunities; while there is a lot of pressure to do well, I feel that it motivates me to accomplish my goals and build a solid path for my future. My experience with AP biology in this school got me a 5 on the AP exam and has influenced me to want to major in Biology in the future.
Irvington has three benchmark projects throughout the four years of high school (every year except for junior year), one of which resembles a college thesis. It provides decent academic opportunities, but could be improved. Recent changes in the academic programs have caused a lot of conflicts among teachers and students. Irvington has a lot of resources available to students, however, they are not always well publicized. Some examples are an athletic trainer for students who participate in sports, four counselors, and a psychiatrist. A lot of clubs are very repetitive and similar, but a stricter policy is being implemented to ensure that these problems are addressed.
Irvington High is a nice school, some bad teachers but mostly good and some exceptionally awesome people willing to help with your high school education. There are some courses that I disagree with that are mandatory such as health and others, but most of the courses are standard and normal. The honors program by which exceptional students can advance at a faster rate than others is well done. There are many engaging clubs and sports to participate in. Overall I rate the school very good.
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