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I liked that the school was smaller and had a decent amount of teachers. I think that aloud for a lot of student to teacher interaction. I would like to see them put more classes in for different majors.
The school has had some bumps in the road, but the teachers care and the student to teacher ratio is pretty low. There just isn't a whole lot of money in being a charter school, so the school itself doesn't look like much.
This is the only high school I have ever been to, but the staff have helped me immensely. I have struggled with my behaviour my whole life and the faculty have been very understanding. I can only speak for myself, but I completely recommend this school!
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Throughout the school year I did very well in achieving my goals in the classroom. Most teachers are very motivational and almost never reject help when it is requested. Although, they do claim to be a college prep school but I don't think that even by my senior year of school I was challenged enough to consider myself "prepared" for college.
Irvington was a great school for me. Enrolled from Kindergarten to grade 12, I honestly didn't have a need or want to leave. The teachers and staff definitely made you feel at home. As a freshman in college, I still have close bonds with some of my teachers. They do not see students as numbers and make sure every student is getting the necessary attention they need to succeed. I recommend this school to all types of students because this environment fits all, socially and academically.
You can have one on one aces to your teachers and a small environment.I have been at Irvington since 5th grade and I love it. Everyone is friendly and even if your New you can always meet new friends.Tutoring is offered daily .Parents are able to communicate with the teachers.
Well, when I started at this school in Kindergarten it was a decent school nut now it has gotten less and less productive. They teachers are not very involved, there's almost no diversity with the classes. The school has no funding and I think that is part of the problem.
This school has great intentions, but does not carry them out well. The lunch and breakfast program slowly got worse as I attended. The athletic program is close to nothing. They require uniforms. The teachers are dedicate to their jobs and certainly love what they do, but with little to no funding doing their jobs can be quite difficult. Overall the school wants the students to succeed, but the support they receive is minimal.
In the last 4 years of high school for my son they have had 4 different administrators. Every year they make more changes. I am glad this is his last year.
I pretty much know that I'll always be safe at Irvington.
We have many varieties of extracurricular(s) at IPA such as basketball, baseball, pokemon club, writer's inc, and many more.
Overall, Irvington is the best school I've been to. We've taken college tours, met very friendly people, talked with college mentors, were able to take college courses for free, and we're a friendly environment.
I love Irvington. The school has taught me about taxes, financial responsibility, and so much more.
We have a lot of safety mea
They office alot oof club
School is a careing place to go
All thr teacher care about all kids
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All of the teachers genuinely care about students. Students are not just a number. Good student-teacher relationships are quickly built.
There are a few popular clubs. They include Anime club, Robotics, Ballroom Dance, Franish, and Do Something club. All of these clubs have committed members. The Robotics team won the city tournament and Franish club is working to go to Costa Rica.
Basketball (girls/boys), Baseball, Softball, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Track are all available at Irvington. I participate in both Cross Country and Track, there are only around 4 or 5 people who actually run in meets because the rest are either ineligible or just conditioning for another sport. Basketball definitely gets the most attention out of all the sports with Cross Country and Track getting the least with little to no recognition.
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