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My experience at this school was something I'll never forget. I grew and developed here everyday but didn't enjoy my years throughout high school as much as I wish I had. It's a good school not going to lie, I'm grateful for everything this school has taught me!
Irving High is a school made up of very experienced teachers at their subjects. My current economics teacher was a finance advisor for Verizon years ago. The AP teachers are very committed in helping students pass AP test, coming to school on Saturdays. They help advance us and many come from the same experiences and challenges that we face. I would however, appreciate emphesize on school spirit, of which we lack, but try to unsuccesfully bring to our school.
Most teachers in Irving high school we’re great teachers that wanted to teach. They had a great relationship with their students so I can’t complain about that much. The only thing I could possibly complain about is of some students that clearly did not want to be there. They made it hard for others to study sometimes.
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It's a really divers schools . Is starting to get more involve in clubs and school activities. Overall has a lot of school spirit clubs and sports for your child to meet friends and socialize.
Overall an okay school. If you are not apart of sports or student council you are basically unimportant to the main teachers. I enjoyed the people I met there and met some of my favorite teachers there. Do not let them force you to take AP classes. They are a waist of time, instead take dual credit which will actually help you in college.
My experience at Irving was great as for the teachers and how important I felt my education was to them. My learning experiences were good too. The only problem I had was the students, how bored I was inside of class, and they didn't really have other type of learning but listening and writing while I'm a hands on learner.
When I went to this school I amazing memories since my freshman year . I made fun memories when I joined the swim team and had challenges. I grew up more and understood many things that will now help me in my future life. Irvin High School is an amazing school for the kids. People think it's a bad school but it's not. It's very fun if you join activities or club and makes friend.
I liked how the school would make more events just that they would at least make them more big at the school
My principles endorsed the conduct very well. No student was left alone I always felt like I had a family.
I feel like Irving High School should put more effort towards school spirit. I have been here for the past four years and I have to admit school spirit has improved.
What I liked about Irving High School is how they always cared about our education and attendance. Irving High School always made sure that we took the classes to be college readiness. Irving High School is also able to make every student feel welcomed for example to ESL students.
My experience in Irving high is amazing I been here for 4 years and It been amazing I had so much fun I meet new people learn a lot and I just had fun with all my friends
This is the school that I'm currently attending. Have been here since my freshman year and I could honestly say I've had a nice ride. Especially with the teachers, they're very understanding and will help out when you need the help, as well with the counselours.
What I love about this school is that everyone here is so encouraged to have a future. The teachers are great and are there to help you
I have had a good experience at Irving High School. The teachers are kind and want you to succeed. The staff does an amazing job at running the school. The safety of the school is very secured. The food is rather okay, it could be better in my opinion. Lastly, the college readiness is stupendous they really want you to be prepared for college.
Attending Irving High School I was able to meet a lot of new people, the school is very diverse and they have many great programs, you are given great opportunities to begin your career early. The staff at Irving HIgh School are always willing to work with you and help you become successful.
I've gone to Irving High School all four of my high school years. Although I've had experiences with relationships with the people around me, Irving High has worked as a school and a place for me to get my education. It did the job, and even let me enjoy it. I've had many memories with friends as well as had the chance to had successes of my own here. I will miss it for sure, but it's time to open a new door in my life. I've had to stay after hours for weeks at a time, and I never had a terrible moment, because I knew that these memories wouldn't last forever.
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My experience at Irving high has been very good due to how I have had teachers that really want to see me succeed. The teachers I have had are ones who support me and believe that I can become what I want to become, which is an elementary school teacher. They have never doubted me, which is something I highly admire in those teachers. One thing that I would like for it to change is basically just building-wise, it'd be better if the halls were more adequate since we only have five minutes to get to our next classroom.
Irving High was a place of memories, friends and even first relationships. I battled my way through this high school and received recognition as salutatorian, by the help of my teachers and administration of this school. It is quite amazing, the diversity in this school is through the roof and it is great, this school takes pride in what they are and they do it by hosting pep rallies and representing their clubs as much as they can. I love this school and so will you.
As a basketball player I really liked the atmosphere and the family environment that the team and coach provided
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