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What I like about a Irvine High School is that everyone is very responsible and cares about each other. Even in academics and sports, everyone cheers for each other at all times. This school is the best!
Irvine High was really enjoyable. The teachers, students, and staff members are helpful to each other.
Irvine High School was an alright experience. There wasn't much of a bond other than many diverse and closely knitted friend groups. The school hyped up active students at pep rallys which was okay I guess. Overall I was able to make some great friends and was able to learn a lot from some teachers.
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Some teachers are very involved with the students and actually show the desire to teach and help, which allows our perspectives on school as students to be more positive. On the other hand, some teachers teach while having no connection with the students making it hard to ask for help.
Overall, I had a great experience. The people are very friendly, although competitive with one another. Classes are very academically rigorous, but I got into my dream school and passed all my AP tests! This school prepares you well for college although a bit socially dead. In our league, we are not that great at sports and we lack in school spirit. The cafeteria food is not great.
Irvine High School is a great school - it has strong academics, good sports programs, as well as other clubs and arts. As a former student, I found the school to be very rigorous when taking advanced classes. It's hit or miss when it comes to teachers. Some are amazing, and you can tell they truly care for the well being of their students. Some are less involved, but they do the job.
Irvine High School was a very welcoming and great campus for all kinds of people. Most can find their niche and friend group in a variety of different places, with sports, music and arts programs, ASB, and an abundance of clubs. One thing that IHS offers that most campuses cannot, is an ability to be in many different programs at the same time. I was involved in both band, wrestling, starting my own club, and ASB at the same time, but some can be in as many extra curricular classes that they can handle. Overall, you get out of high school as much as you put into it. Taking advantage of opportunities given to you from freshman year to senior year is critical to having a good time at IHS.
I like that Irvine High School is a welcoming community and the people there are very accepting. A change I wish to see is the assumption that Irvine High School is the worst high school out of all Irvine public schools.
A very diverse school with tons of activities in the highly competitive city of Irvine. While other schools (such as Northwood and University) may be more on the competitive side, Irvine High is place is where all kinds of students can find a place for them to succeed. Whether in sports, academics, leadership or arts, there is an activity or club for all and supportive teachers and administration staff. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at IHS and would not have wanted to go to any of the other Irvine high schools. The more you get involved and the more you reach out and connect, the greater your experience will be.
i liked the experience of everyone being unique and the variety in ethnicity. also i enjoyed the over all experience of high school preparing you for college and giving you more freedom.
I like it because of the people. Staff and food they have. A lot of people are very nice too. And very welcoming
Irvine high school is a great school but needs more work on the situation of student mental health. When I used to go there, many kids were doing drugs and skipping class.
Very competitive. But they don't treat the Arts correctly- they always cut their funding and last time I was there they merged the art department with Engineering.
As a senior that has gone throughout all fours years at Irvine High, I believe it was a really good school. In my opinion, the teachers I had throughout the fours years were amazing. The only thing I do not like is the constant changing of the bell schedule.
The curriculum prepares you well for college. What I would like to see is improved food quality. In my time there, I remember drinking chocolate milk that tasted like barbeque sauce and sometimes the food was spoiled.
The students and teachers are very friendly. They have a strong work ethic, challenging classes, and many extracurricular opportunities.
Overall, great school with great teachers and a high amount of classes offered. Only complaints are due to the school's layout not being the greatest, lunches aren't good, and there are not many areas for eating.
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I went to Irvine High School for all 4 years and am so happy that I did. I truly feel like I am ahead of the curve in college. IUSD already has some of the best test scores in the state and that reflects when you get to college. I just wish I had tried a little harder in school. The administration and teachers are absolutely amazing. One thing I would change is the school culture. There is not a huge sense of pride coming from the school, and people are generally a little more mean to each other.
Irvine High has good academics overall. I would like to see more activities and events happen. Also the school should inform students more about college.
Irvine High School is filled with the vaquero spirit and stands by its principles of integrity, honor, and social responsibility. The students create a friendly and spirited environment for kids to learn and have fun at the same time. An improvement is to have more opportunities for students to be aware of clubs through a more effective social platform outreach other than social media about social events hosted by student clubs and ASB.
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