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Irvine High is such a diverse school, with so many opportunities for students to feel like they are part of a community. The education at this school is very vigorous, and the expectations are high. The ASB are extremely involved, and the amount of clubs and after school events for students to join are numerous.
This senior year, what has been most beneficial for me, is being able to attend college representative meetings along with college application assistance every week. This is especially nice for students who wouldn't get any help other than the schools.
The only thing I would change is an updated cafeteria, as lunch gets extremely crowded.
At Irvine High School, you will feel particularly motivated because of your peers and the teachers. Teachers have high expectations and students are competitive to ensure that your performing your best. They have a few exceptional teachers that provide support and devote time to students.
Irvine high school is the school you go to if you like being involved. The teachers care about you and your future as well as your well being. The school is kept clean thanks to the janitorial staff, who work incredibly hard to allow for us students to feel as comfortable as we can when getting our education. The counselors all care very deeply about you and will give up their personal time if you're ever dealing with anything personally.
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Irvine high is a school with spirit and involvement. We are a school that wants to bring change to the community. Students are exposed to rigorous academic courses to prepare us students for college while still maintaining a balance between extracurricular activities and social life. Irvine high, as an IUSD school puts the safety of students to the highest regard and have open forums for students and faculty to discuss and bring change to improve our school even more.
At Irvine High School, the students are not very friendly or connected with each other. There is very little interaction with people other than your immediate friend group. Some of the teacher are amazing and very engaging, but other are very strict and not great at teaching the material. There is very little interest in clubs so it is hard to get members to join clubs for your interests.
IHS offers a generally friendly environment. However, I have no idea why certain teachers have kept their jobs as long as they have, as they clearly hate their jobs and despise those they consider as "children"--some of us do act like they belong in elementary school, but this is grossly unfair to everyone else. That said, most of the teachers I have had the pleasure of working with were admirable, and a few significantly exceeded my expectations.
Lunch tables can only accommodate ~15% of all students; everyone else gets to sit on the floors, and many of the staff lack the courtesy to allow students to eat in most of the buildings. So you're probably going to end up sitting on concrete, leaning against a stone wall for lunch all year. The food sucks too.
Maybe the school is poor, but they still can't afford intercom speakers that don't translate words into incomprehensible static.
Irvine high is a good environment with good people. Academics and extracurricular activities are very good. Block scheduling is nice. There are few lockers, many of which are in poor condition. The food is not great and there are few vegetarian cafeteria options. I love the water bottle-refilling station.
Irvine High School seeks to provide its students with the best faculties and education. It promotes integrity, honor self and others and social responsibility. I graduated this year from IHS and as I look back, I would not have spent my four years of high school anywhere else. I wish that there were lunch tables at IHS because I remember always eating on the floor. Once a Vaquero, always a Vaquero.
Good community of kids. Never saw anyone being bullied. Some teachers hated the kids. Some tenured teachers stopped caring about their jobs after they got tenure.
The courses were not too challenging. Some teachers cared. The workload wasn't crazy. School spirit is increasing.
Irvine High School offers an environment with a great teachers and classes. I love how passionate the teachers are, and the majority of the teachers really care for the students. I would like to see Irvine offer more courses for students to explore different career options and discover their passion.
The teachers are very kind and care what they do. Faculty are mostly efficent when giving directions or instructions. The people are nice and care what they do for the most part.
The best thing about this school are the teachers they really care about the students and their welfare. However, the administration is very disorganized most of the time and hard to work with.
The people are pretty cool. The faculty however could use a little changing. There are a lot of really good and decent teachers. There are a few teachers however who should not be teaching and should be fired if not for their tenure. The food is also nasty and the district as a whole is underfunded. When the school does get money, however, it doesn't use it on materials that would actually help their students. Sometimes I can't help but wonder if the people who allocate funding really have students best interest in mind. There is also a heavy "push" that community college is a good choice which I believe persuades students to aim for mediocrity.
There are good teachers, a clean campus, helpful counselors, and plenty of clubs/activities. It's is also a very diverse school, probably the most out of IUSD high schools
I am grateful for my experience at this institution for preparing me for college. I highly recommend taking advantage of the academic resources including a variety of AP classes. Very poor school spirit and academically competitive environment.
I loved my group, I joined the Film and Television program and it was my best decision in high school. I miss the school and wish I could still be in high school because of this program. They work with simply the best Film education program to ever help a high school campus, FilmEd Academy of the Arts. Its a college level course that almost everyone who participates is ready to test out of Film 1 and 2 at any college. So essentially in your time in high school, you complete 2 years of film study while working with amazing teams to create bi-weekly broadcast and films that can be submitted to The Orange County Film Festival for free. This is why this school is amazing. In addition to very high-level academics as it's an Irvine Unified School and the amazing culture and diversity of this area. Thats why people love the school and for that matter the Irvine School District.
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Irvine's got a lot of pride and confidence, but some students find the school lacking in funding. The teachers are well educated and experienced, and the majority of students are doing well.
Everyone here is very smart and the school is competitive in sports and academics. It is an open campus and the weather here is nice.
I liked the different extracurricular activities the school had to offer. I did drama and choir when I was in high school. These classes were inspiring and allowed me to explore new interests I never thought I'd have. It was a great experience.
The teachers were also pretty decent. I had a couple of teachers I didn't like, but I think you get that wherever you go. The teachers I did like were very supportive and took the time to help me when I was struggling. For example, I've never really been good at math. When I was a senior in high school, my math teacher saw I was struggling and offered to tutor me. With his help, I got a B+ in a math class.
The only thing I would change about this school is they don't push you to do more than what is necessary to graduate. They tell you about extra things you can do to get a higher GPA but don't say you should do it. I wish I had that extra push when I was in high school.
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