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My experience on Irvin High school was phenomenal. I like how a lot of my teachers truly care about me. The school has so many things to offer, but of course my favorite part of the school are the memories that are within it. So far the years I have been in Irvin High school are the best ones I have ever lived.
I would like to say when I transferred to Irvin. I did regret it one bit, I really love the friends I got here, they make me feel like we are one big family.
My experience at Irvin High School, is good. It's been four years already, and it has certainly has been the best years of my life, socially, not so much academically, but it has changed the way I think about things. And I will have some very fond memories of this place once I leave it.
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I love Irvin High School, it is full of group collaboration and huge projects. I got to meet new people here and the teachers are amazing!!! The teachers do know how to teach us students.
I loved that it was such a great learning environment. All of the teachers and staff were friendly and professional. Irvin encouraged enriching our community by offering many resources to help us in and outside of school.
This school has great creative environment it is seen as a low tier school but I believe great things can come out of here.
I would like to see the building fixed up it's too old also I would like to see the laziness in this school disappear because the teachers do not give off a good vibe to its students and the student get away with a lot of rule breaking and slacking
At Irvin High School, teachers and students care about each other as a family. Rocket Pride is very evident, as many of the teachers that have worked here were once Irvin rockets themselves.
Irvin High School isn't really known for being the best school in the North East, its pretty much the school where you have to watch yourself or something might happen. There isn't really any school spirit or involvement by the school community. Our sports aren't the best put they put in their all for every game they have. I'd like to see more involvement and spirit around the school so we can come together as a school family, it would make my high school experience a lot better.
Irvin High School is a school where you can actually have fun while learning a subject. Tha teachers are interested in making your high school experience the best of your life, they want you to give everything during school time so that you'll be a great student. The best time of my life is going to be my high school experience because this was a period of time where I learned about life, I made lots of friends, and met beautiful people.
My experience at Irvin High School was successful, because high school teaches you how to become your real self it teaches you how to become someone your not and to grow and be a bigger person than you would ever thought you would be. I loved Irvin High school all four years of my attendance, great people, teachers, and staff there was always someone there for you no matter what was happening. Irvin really made me think of who I really was and how much better of a person you could be within minuets of walking down the halls. It gave me freedom learning to be more social, and making me think of the right choices. If I could ever change anything at Irvin I would convince the students to become more social and to join more activities than just sit there and be shy. I am glad that I attended Irvin it got me to the real world and now is the time to shine.
Irvin High School was able to not only further my education, but mold me into the man I am today. I will forever miss it's halls and will remember everything I learned.
Being a student at Irvin High School has been a blast. Being able to be apart of this school and being able to participate in all these activities and sports, really brought the best out of me. The staff and administration are very on point with their job, keeping students on track making sure they shine and succeed.
I absolutely love Irvin! The people are great and you can really feel a family atmosphere wherever you go around campus. The only thing I would change would be the outdated campus, but other than that, I would consider Irvin my second home.
I had a great experience at Irvin High School. The building is in bad condition and the cafeteria is too small for the amount of students but the awsome teachers and students make up for the inconveniences.
I like that all the people that I've met there has big aspirations and big dreams, they want to become something in life.
Overall I love the school, I have been going to this school since freshmen year. There's a couple of things I would love to see a change in and that would be student and teacher involvement. Students are not involved enough because they do not feel motivated by their peers to active with in the school. There are some teachers that really care about there students and there education and then there's teachers who do not even care about the students all they care about is they get to work and teaches. I would love for those changes to be made with in the school.
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The school sucks, the school does not challenge the students what's so ever, it has one of the lowest scores in the district. If you're thinking of going to another school or Irvin go to the other school.
We might not always win but we try our best and work hard and have fun as a team.
The parents of each student at Irvin High School care about all students that attend and care about each child's well-being.
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