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I'm in the New Tech Program at Irvin and I feel like it has got me ready for many things. It has taught me how to work in a team environment, present, and feel how college class are. I also like that I got to do UTonramps class it gave us a real feel on the work we will be doing in college. Overall I love my school and whats its done for me and my peers.
Decent school, befuddling and frustrating occasionally. Most staff are helpful and nice, teachers tend to either be well-spoken and caring or in a phase where classes become extremely minimalistic with no challenge. Social atmosphere is highly individualistic.
it is a great school with a good community, teachers are the best thing of irvin, they take their time to help you in all academic stuff and in our personal stuff
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Irvin High School has helped me grow and has taught me how to be a part of my community. Everyone, there is nice and has helped me grow in some way. Many of my teachers want to see their students be themself and express themselves with projects or interactions between one and one. Irvin High pays close attention to all of its students as they grow and learn how to take initiative towards their own life. My school is currently in construction and is being remodeled for the sake of the students, so they could have a better place to learn and feel more comfortable. My school might not be the best looking and many people think it is low-classed but many of the people there prove those statements wrong. There isn't a lot of things that I would change about my school because I mean we all have had that one high school teacher that we don't like and many students make life at high school more complicated than what it is.
Irvin High School provides many opportunities for students, especially Rocket New Tech, which is a program that is based on project based learning and collaboration. This helps with communication and better prepares students for the future, I would highly recommend Rocket New Tech to any student.
What I loved about Irvin High School was about how the teachers are truly caring and helping in any way they can to see you succeed in both High School and College. They assist you in anyway possible, setting dates on the weekend as so have a study session with others, going over every topic and problem about the subject. Consistently remind you to join sports and clubs and keeping your grades up. This school truly cares about its students and it does give all students chances and chances to show who they can truly be in their adult life's.
Irvin High school full of opportunities for the students that push themselves. Its academic programs are meant to help a student grow not only as scholar, but as a person as well.
I am currently a high school senior enrolled in the New Tech Program that Irvin offers and I will be part of the first graduating class with this program. It is amazing to be able to have the opportunity to start a program and watch it expand to what it has over the course of four years.
Attending this school for 4 years definitely created some very vivid and fond memories for me. However, the dedication is slightly off. Many students don't see the bright future they have ahead off them, they will that their time at Irvin High School will last forever and won't be able to succeed. However, they don't know that they will be able to thrive. I believe all the hard work our educators alone do is capable enough to impact many students, either academically or mentally.
Moving to Irvin was probably one of the best schools I was ever able to be enrolled into. Everyone - and I mean everyone - is extremely welcoming of you and extremely helpful. The teachers are amazing at forming a bond with their students and the amount of school spirit there is, is unbeatable.
My experience on Irvin High school was phenomenal. I like how a lot of my teachers truly care about me. The school has so many things to offer, but of course my favorite part of the school are the memories that are within it. So far the years I have been in Irvin High school are the best ones I have ever lived.
I would like to say when I transferred to Irvin. I did regret it one bit, I really love the friends I got here, they make me feel like we are one big family.
My experience at Irvin High School, is good. It's been four years already, and it has certainly has been the best years of my life, socially, not so much academically, but it has changed the way I think about things. And I will have some very fond memories of this place once I leave it.
I love Irvin High School, it is full of group collaboration and huge projects. I got to meet new people here and the teachers are amazing!!! The teachers do know how to teach us students.
I loved that it was such a great learning environment. All of the teachers and staff were friendly and professional. Irvin encouraged enriching our community by offering many resources to help us in and outside of school.
This school has great creative environment it is seen as a low tier school but I believe great things can come out of here.
I would like to see the building fixed up it's too old also I would like to see the laziness in this school disappear because the teachers do not give off a good vibe to its students and the student get away with a lot of rule breaking and slacking
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At Irvin High School, teachers and students care about each other as a family. Rocket Pride is very evident, as many of the teachers that have worked here were once Irvin rockets themselves.
Irvin High School isn't really known for being the best school in the North East, its pretty much the school where you have to watch yourself or something might happen. There isn't really any school spirit or involvement by the school community. Our sports aren't the best put they put in their all for every game they have. I'd like to see more involvement and spirit around the school so we can come together as a school family, it would make my high school experience a lot better.
Irvin High School is a school where you can actually have fun while learning a subject. Tha teachers are interested in making your high school experience the best of your life, they want you to give everything during school time so that you'll be a great student. The best time of my life is going to be my high school experience because this was a period of time where I learned about life, I made lots of friends, and met beautiful people.
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